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Magic Leap is building another AR headset for 2022.

Magic Leap is making a new headset and someone thinks it's worth ڈی 1.5 billion

Image: The magic leap.

When you thought the Magic Leap had disappeared into the graveyard of failed AR headsets, the company announced today that it had raised another 500 500 million worth of 2 2 billion. Oh, and it’s working on another version of its headset for release next year.

The news came directly from Peggy Johnson, CEO of Magic Leap. Interview on CNBC’s Power Lunch. Johnson revealed that the device would be called Magic Leap 2 and that it would be a real “all day” device. In device renders and video clips, it looks a good deal smaller and lighter than the original headset. The headset will also be capable of “segmented dimming” which can dim the “real world background” to make it easier to see enhanced reality content. It will also have double field, better color fidelity, image quality and text legality than its predecessor. You can see a render of the device CNBC interview, As well as Johnson’s two indistinct zoom shots. LinkedIn And a magic leap News for the newspaper.

Johnson did not provide pricing details, but it was clear from the interview that the new headset would be an enterprise-focused device. Johnson called Target Demographics a surgeon, defense and manufacturing. It tracks with one. Blog Today, Johnson wrote in Magic Leap on her one-year anniversary, in which she emphasizes that the company will focus on enterprise space.

“This investment is an important step in advancing the Magic Leap mission to change the way we work,” Johnson said. Statement About the new era of company funding. “Since joining Magic Leap in 2020, my focus has been on transforming the company’s enterprise market, strengthening our technical base, and building a strong business, ranging from healthcare and manufacturing to defense and the public sector. Is.”

This is a familiar shift. Right now, the most successful is the enhanced reality headset. Everyone is moving towards enterprise.Including Microsoft’s HoloLens 2 and aptly named Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2. Before Johnson. Came last summer, Was a struggling company. Looking for a buyer? To keep going Then he was released. 1000 employees As part of a larger reorganization before miraculously adding. Another سے 350 million from thin air..

Allegedly Magic Leap 2. Will be available sometime next year, although “early access program is currently underway.” Only time will tell if this is a success or not meme-capable, overhyped flop. Like my predecessor

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