Jaylen Brown and new teammate Malcolm Brogdon on Media Day. Jim Davis / Global Personnel

The new Celt ranger, Malcolm Brogdon, had several options out of season when the Pacers wanted to move him, helping them rebuild.

Brogdon appreciated this from the Pacers who signed him up to a two-year extension in October 2021. Regarding the destination, Brogdon had several Celtics ties – Brad Stevens recruited him to Butler in college before he graduated in Virginia, and Brogdon is vice president of the Gamers Association along with Jaylen Brown.

But more importantly, Brogdon wanted to win, although he knew he might not play a big part in the Celtics.

“It doesn’t matter if I’m the sixth man, regardless of the role I play,” Brogdon said Monday. “I will accept it, I will go out and accept it. I want to add to what this team has. This band has a great unit, great chemistry.

“They were close to winning the championship as we saw and needed a little more. So I will come and add to what is already happening. “

Brogdon expects the Celtics’ backcourt to be a threat to himself, Marcus Smart and Derrick White. The Celtics have many competent defenders including their stars Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown. Robert Williams joined second All-Defense team last year and is projecting as a potential Defender of the Year contender on his current trajectory.

But Smart was last year’s Defender of the Year and adding Brogdon to the mix should help.

“Jaylen and Jayson, who make our game easier and take the pressure off us on both sides of the ball, but the role of these guys is to lead this team on the att*ck, get the ball and be the monsters they are,” said Brogdon. “Our job as a field of defense is to make it easier for them to defend themselves when they need to concentrate on att*cking and be great on the defensive and support them on the offensive.”

Brogdon added that he does not foresee any problems between him and Smart, who is dug up as a defender of the team’s starting point. He said that he and Smart have been friends for years and the two have gotten together to get to know each other better since Brogdon came to Boston.

“It’s been great since I came here,” said Brogdon. – He was great. I think people are arguing between us that they are “bringing in the quarterback,” blah blah.

“At the end of the day, me and Marcus will be spending a lot together on the dance floor, having fun together. Me and Marcus have different strengths and we work very well together. And we are both really competitive and we will put pressure on each other and help each other. “

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