Mallow town park makeover plan with green light

An ambitious plan that will see Mallow Town Park undergo the most extensive overhaul in history has been given the green light by En Board Planla.

The works are part of a broader multi-million masterplan that aims to create greater connectivity between the city’s public spaces such as the park, Mallow Castle, Tip O’Neill Park and the iconic Spa House, and provide them with a single, easily accessible visitor. In the offering is to draw together. ,

Overall a project, being delivered on a phased basis in the coming years, has already seen significant works within the grounds of Mallow Castle, including the opening of a ‘story’ style playground, the grounds and Including the growth and development of gardens. Walk along the river Blackwater.

On-going work at Tip O’Neill Park, which is expected to be completed during the first quarter of next year, will include a new water feature, public lighting, walkways and seating, ‘pollination-friendly’ flora and fauna. Includes planting and revitalization. Spa House Car Park.

Cork County Council stated that the Town Park plan, which was purchased by the Authority in 2015 for over €1.5 million, “provides high quality public facilities in a safe, welcoming, sustainable, sensitive, universally accessible and inclusive”. Will do. Methods of all ages and abilities.”

Key elements of the plan included the enhancement of existing park entrances and the provision of new ones, the widening of footpaths and bridges running across the existing river, and new sidewalk connections to the boardwalk and town centre.

Other parts of the plan include the enhancement of existing sports pitches including new training areas, a reinforced glass covered multi-use event area center with 114 adjacent car-parking spaces, jogging/walking trails, an orienteering course, five angling along the river Stand included. Redevelopment of existing Park Road involving Bank, Skate Plaza.

Another exciting addition will be the development of a ‘pump-track’ north of the GAA pitch for bicycles, skateboards, roller blades and scooters.

In addition to these, the plan provides for landscaping work including the planting of approximately 200 native trees and 400 meters of hedges, street furniture and bicycles, and a 96-space car park along the side of the existing soccer pitch.

Ruling in favor of the plan, en board Planla said it took into account the potential direct and indirect impacts arising from the proposal and the conservation objectives of the River Blackwater Special Area of ​​Conservation (SAC).

The findings of the inspectors were that the project would not have a significant negative impact on the environment of the local community, would not lead to pollution, would not have a serious negative impact on local properties or archeology; and built heritage of the area and will not interfere with existing land use or road networks.

“The proposed development will, therefore, be in accordance with proper planning and sustainable development of the area,” read the report.

However, the permission came with 11 different conditions, dealing with various issues such as protection of the local environment, traffic safety, biodiversity and conservation of archaeological remains within the park’s boundaries.

Completed inspectors’ reports and a detailed list of conditions can be found at

Welcoming the news that the plan had been given the green light, Clerk Gyroid Murphy said it would complement all other elements of the overall master plan.

“Mallow is a city that continues to have an increasing number of young families and it’s great to see how a facility like this will cater for them,” said Clare Murphy.

“There are some great concept pictures for what the new park will look like when the work is done. I am especially excited about the skate park, which will be one of very few in Cork County when it is completed,” he said. said.

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