The man was caught red-handed after destroying the base of the Washington Monument with red paint and an anti-police message on Tuesday night.

44-year-old Shaun Ray Deaton was arrested around 7.30pm Tuesday on charges of incursion, manipulation and vandalism, US park police said Wednesday.

There was a note splattered with red paint on the base of the monument: “Were you screwed up because of it? The government says t – t. “

A spokesman for the National Park Service did not immediately request a comment from the Daily News on Wednesday, but told WTOP radio station in Washington that it might take a while two to three weeks and multiple treatments to completely remove paint.

“Our team of experts is aware of the problem and will go to work early in the morning,” the NPS tweeted at the end of Tuesday.

It is not known how cleaning will affect visiting the monument.

The Washington Monument, which is located on the National Mall in Washington, was built in 1848 in honor of former President George Washington.

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