WEST DEPTFORD, NJ (CBS) – Gloucester County Police investigate a disturbing case of animal cruelty. Authorities say the man threw his cat on concrete several times for no apparent reason.

West Deptford Police say the man who did this was caught by the camera and is now behind bars. Surprisingly, the cat survived.

Taylor Olive captures the att*ck with a camera and says she is still shocked by the incident. She says she couldn’t watch the movie and sent it straight to the police.

“I cry about it every day,” said Olive. “It’s terrible.”

Olive is haunted by a brutal and disturbing att*ck that took place outside her front door at the Forest Creek apartment complex in West Deptford.

“I couldn’t even fully watch it,” Olive said. “I just really heard it.”

Olive returned home on Sunday night to find droplets of blood near her apartment, so she says she checked the doorbell’s camera and then called the police immediately.

The video obtained by CBS Philadelphia shows a man entering the frame and approaching a cat on the ground.

The rest is too graphic to show.

West Deptford Police say Christopher Pozzi, 51, brutally hit the cat to the ground at least three times for no apparent reason.

Police say Pozzi left and returned after a while to toss the cat in a nearby dumpster.

“It’s definitely brighter than it was when she first came in,” said Dr. Josh Erde.

At Pitman Animal Hospital, kitten Eileen is recovering from x-rays showing that her jaw has been broken in two places.

“It’s broken and then it’s pushed forward,” said Erde.

But Eileen is showing signs of progress.

Erde says she started eating a little on her own but now needs surgery.

“To come out with a broken jaw and that’s it,” Erde said. “I think she was really lucky.”

Police arrested Pozzi the next day. He now accuses him of animal cruelty.

“I’m glad it happened in front of my door because I’m one of the few people with a camera,” Olive said, “so if it had happened in front of someone else’s door, we wouldn’t have caught it. “

According to the Department of Corrections, Pozzi has a history of violent behavior. He spent nearly 20 years in a Florida jail after pleading guilty to second-degree m*rder and has multiple prior counts in New Jersey.

As for Eileen, surgery is scheduled for Friday. Doctors hope he will recover completely.

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