Man dies in dispute over family home, hears Cork murder trial

A man found with more than 20 knife wounds in a house cork A court has been told that he was murdered by his sister and his accomplice over a dispute over the inheritance of the family home.

prosecuting attorney, Siobhan Lankford SC tells jury in trial Helen Jones (53) and her then-partner Keith O’Hara (43) told the Central Criminal Court sitting in Cork that the state believed they had a clear motive for the murder of Ms Jones’ brother, Paul.

Ms. Jones and Mr. O’Hara, both Kahergal Avenue, mayfieldCork, he denied murder Paul Jones At his home on Bandon Road in Cork on September 4, 2019.

Ms. Jones also denies the allegation of serious theft and Mr. O’Hara denies the charge of theft on the same occasion.

Ms Lankford, outlining the evidence that the state hopes to call in the next four weeks, told a jury of seven men and five women that they would present evidence that they had a motive for murder related to a home heirloom. What do you think about Cahergal Avenue.

She said prosecutors would allege that the property dispute had been going on since 2015 when Ms Jones’ father left a will in which he bequeathed the property to his sons, Liam and Paul. There was a provision in the will that Ms Jones could remain in the estate until she married.

There was a court case regarding the property in 2018, she said.

“Liam and Paul brought the case trying to evict Helen Jones from 27 Cahergal Ave. It was decided on the basis that she would vacate the house and that a certain amount would be paid from the sale of the house.

“But even after the matter was settled, there was acrimony,” said Ms Lankford, adding that the state would allege increased acrimony to the auctioneer handling the sale, who received a phone call a week before Mr Jones was murdered. Call was received, asking to pick it up. Signs for sale below.

‘bad blood’

Ms Lankford said the prosecution would also produce a witness who met the couple Dunes Store Around this time and who would tell the jury that Ms Jones told her about the property dispute and Mr O’Hara told her that ‘the brother would pay’.

“The state would say that there was bad blood between the parties and that there was no real solution, despite a court settlement. It is a matter of state that Helen Jones had a motive for this crime and that Keith O’Hara was living with her and that Was supporting him,” Ms Lankford said.

Earlier, Ms Lankford told the jury that Mr Jones was searched by her son, Cian, and two friends on September 7, 2019, after Cian became concerned.

He said Sean Jones On 5 September, Helen Jones had called for her father’s phone number and she herself tried to ring him for two days but got no response.

He and two friends, Rebecca McNulty and Atracta O’Neill, called home the next day.

When they knocked there was no answer but they were able to forcefully open the door and saw Paul Jones’s body lying on the floor.

Ms. Lankford said that members of Gardai and cork city fire brigade Entered the house and found Paul Jones’s body lying in the hallway.

chop wound

A subsequent postmortem revealed that he had been stabbed 25 times on his body and had severe head injuries.

She said the state would present evidence that Ms Jones and Mr O’Hara took a taxi to Bandon Road from their home in Mayfield on the night of 4 September. used to drive a taxi Pat Moynihan Joe knew Ms Jones and introduced her partner as Keith.

Mr. Moynihan will give evidence that he pulled his hand to the contrary Lough Credit Union Around 9.45 pm on Bandan Road. He would say that Ms Jones got out and walked across the street and began aggressively banging on the door of a house with the handle of a knife she had in hand.

Mr. Moynihan will provide further evidence that Ms. Jones is back in the taxi. Then he made a U-turn and pulled out of the same house when both Miss Jones and Mr. O’Hara came out and started banging on the door again.

It was opened by Paul Jones – whom he knew – wearing black boxer shorts.

Mr Moynihan will also provide evidence that he witnessed aggression between the two sides, Ms Lankford said.

She said prosecutors would not produce any witnesses to say they saw the accused attack Mr Jones, but they would present evidence from passersby who saw the two accused enter the house.

He said the state would also produce some witnesses who would say they saw a woman standing on top of a body on the ground in the house and that both Ms Jones and Mr O’Hara left the scene at around 10.07 pm, she said.

an axe

Ms Lankford said prosecutors had CCTV footage from Lough Union Credit Union, which showed the couple entering the McCarten Villa area. She said it would also produce evidence that a knife was recovered from the garden of a house at McCurtain Villa.

She said forensic tests on the weapon showed that there was blood on the blade that matched Paul Jones’ DNA and that there was blood on the handle that matched Mr. O’Hara’s DNA.

Ms Lankford said the court will hear evidence from Birgit Greiner-Bohlan, who will explain how she met a couple in distress near McCarten Villa and offered to call a taxi for them. Ms Lankford said she had given Mr O’Hara’s mobile number to the taxi company for the couple.

She said the state would also present evidence that Ms Greiner-Bohlan canceled the taxi she had ordered when another taxi driven by Daniel Chidi-Ibe came along. The couple boarded Mr. Chidi-Ibe’s taxi and dropped them back at a house on Kahergal Avenue.

Ms Lankford said the court would hear that the blood found in the back of Mr Chidi-Ibe’s taxi belonged to Mr O’Hara and the state would also allege that Ms Jones had given her and O’Hara’s laundry to do the laundry. The test will involve hearing clothes containing Mr Jones’ DNA, as he said.

Mr Justice Michael McGrath told jurors at the start of the case that the Anglesey Street Courthouse in Cork was likely to last four weeks and that they could expect to hear evidence from around 150 witnesses.

The matter continues.

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