Man pulled up for shaming girlfriend’s ‘shameful’ hobby

Commenters were outraged after a 27-year-old man mourned his girlfriend’s hobby and ways to celebrate it.

In a viral Reddit post published on r/AmITheA**hole, Redditor u/throwaway9384323 (otherwise referred to as the original poster, or OP) said that he asked his 20-year-old partner to honor one of her favorite fictional characters. The characters let all hell loose before their words and actions discovered while baking the cake.

title, “[Am I the a**hole] To tell my girlfriend that baking a cake to celebrate a hobby is embarrassing?” Post It has received over 6,000 upvotes and 3,000 comments in the last eight hours.

“My girlfriend is a very normal person, but this is a fictional character she’s extremely obsessed with,” Opie began. “She spends most of her free time writing fiction about her character and drawing art.

“Basically, almost everything in her personal life revolves around her except for me,” OP said.

Revealing that his girlfriend loves to cook and bake, the original poster states that yesterday, he announced that he was going to a party to celebrate the anniversary of the first time “he consumed any media with his favorite character”. I was going to make cake.

“I laughed a little and he said ‘What’s weird?’ I look a little offended,” the OP wrote. “I said, ‘Don’t you think you’re taking it a little too far? He’s just a character.’

,[My girlfriend] Said she’s not *just* the character, she’s her favorite character,” the OP continued. “I said I know it, but it’s embarrassing that she knows enough about the cake-making hobby to celebrate it cares.

The OP said, “She took the cake to her friend’s house and spent the night.” “I think she’s overreacting, it was just a little argument.”

While personal qualities and interests can serve as equalizers, and provide balance in many romantic relationships, major personality discrepancies between romantic partners often lead to irreconcilable differences.

The opposite ring is also true.

When couples share interests—as well as similar engagement levels with those interests—there is a better chance for long-term romantic success, according to psychology today,

“Couples who have similar interests to the same degree have healthy relationships,” psychology today Contributor Stephen J. Betchen says. “These couples fight less because they generally agree on how to invest their energy and finances.”

“Life is in many ways better for couples who share interests,” Betchen says.

While partners who don’t share interests or hobbies aren’t completely doomed, polarized partners who disrespect each other because of those differences are a different story.

Members of Reddit’s r/AmITheA**hole immediately called out a man who made fun of his girlfriend’s hobby.
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Despite the OP’s claim that calling his girlfriend’s hobby “embarrassing” was “just a small argument”, most of the commenters responding to the viral post landed on the opposite end of the spectrum.

,[You’re the a**hole],” Redditor u/Busybody2098 wrote in the top comment of the post, which has garnered nearly 30,000 upvotes. “To be a sad jerk and to connect with a 19 year old when you were 26.

“Women your age would probably have asked you to give your opinion as soon as possible, which is no coincidence,” he said.

Redditor u/Xellos1542, whose comment has garnered over 11,000 upvotes, also offered a similar response and slammed the original poster for unnecessarily lashing out at his girlfriend.

,[You’re the a**hole],” he wrote. “Men have entire parties around their hobbies, like The Super Bowl. It’s no different at all.

“She has a hobby she enjoys,” he continued. “If you can’t respect that, break up. You have no right to make fun of someone else’s completely harmless hobby.”

In a separate comment, which has received nearly 8,000 upvotes, Redditor u/InvestigatorLive1746 wrote a simple assessment of the original poster’s condition.

,[You’re the a**hole],” he wrote. “There may be little happiness to take in this world, don’t take it from anyone else.”

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