Man pulled up for siding with mother over pregnant girlfriend

A mom-to-be is told to get her “priorities in order” after taking her mother’s side in an argument with her pregnant girlfriend.

For many expectant mothers, the stress of motherhood extends beyond physical pain. Research from the CDC found that 1 in 8 women experience symptoms of postpartum depression while one Published in 2019 study Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology Identified a seven-fold increase in the number of diagnoses of depression at the time of delivery in 2015 compared to 2000.

With many women pushing to the breaking point, it is important for friends, family, and especially, partners, to do everything possible to reduce stress and create a calm environment at home.

However, one man has earned the ire of the internet after ignoring that advice when his girlfriend, who is 39 weeks pregnant, got embroiled in an argument with her mother.

Stock image of a man arguing with a pregnant woman. A man has been criticized for taking his mother’s side in an argument with his pregnant girlfriend.
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According to a post that has been upvoted more than 13,000 times on Reddit, the man explained that his mother has been staying with him for the past week or so, so that when we go to the hospital “to take care of our three-year-old and the cats.” Be someone.” ,

The man said that his mother and his girlfriend “usually get along” but clashed during this recent stay after an argument over food. “My mom is a wonderful cook, but supposedly she doesn’t always cook the healthiest because growing up, my brother and I hated vegetables,” he explained.

He said that his mother “cooks dinner for us every night” since his arrival, but one night, his girlfriend told him she would cook for him. However, her mother told her to cook, telling her “not to worry” because she had “planned it in advance.”

The girlfriend refused to back down and instead suggested her mother cook for her, for herself, and for her child, while she cooked for herself because she “needed something special.”

After some “back-and-forth”, his girlfriend said, and in her words, “brutally said that she just wanted to cook for herself.”

His mother is “extremely hurt and hurt” as a result, while his girlfriend is similarly annoyed, telling her partner that “she just needs some nutrients and foods” that can be found in her mother’s food. Not available in

Although his pregnant partner explained the reasoning to him, the man said that he opted to take his mother’s side because he offered his girlfriend to cook whatever she wanted and he realized that, ultimately, she needed to eat healthier. Was about to get “a little dramatic”.

Now the man is calling his heavily pregnant partner to “apologize” to his mom — but for many on social media, it’s his girlfriend who has to apologize.

CountingPickles was incredible. “You took the side of your girlfriend aka your kid’s mom with your mom… what kind of d*** is she?” They said. “Do you want to be on the couch for eternity? Sir, you need to get your priorities in order.”

Princess_banana_ agreed to write: “Your mom has taken over the kitchen and instead of supporting your girlfriend you’re back to mama’s little boy. Grow up. Stand up for your girlfriend.”

Blue-Cuttle tried to put herself in her partner’s shoes. “Your girlfriend may not feel well, and is eager to eat something she knows will make her feel better,” he explained. “Plus, she’s about to bring a human into the world, which can be a painful and scary experience. She just wants to feel in control of her own space and boundaries.”

Another user, unknown_928121, offered a more candid response. “how dare you!” They said. “This woman opened her house in hopes that she would get help and you can’t support her! You can’t stand for her!”

Meanwhile, Nibbler981 warns the man that he made a “big mistake” in supporting his mother. “Your girlfriend has every right to cook for herself in her house. Your mom needed to admit that… Your girlfriend has nothing to apologize for, but both you and your mom do. “

newsweek The original poster has been contacted for comment.

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