Man slammed for telling parents he should have taken fancy vacation as a kid

A man being beaten up when a joke made by him was taken seriously after he said the fancy vacation he just came back from was what he “should have been” as a kid .

The original poster (OP), u/Icy-Cellist449, shared his story on the popular Reddit forum r/AmITheA**hole, which earned him 3,800 upvotes and nearly 1,000 comments. Post,[Am I the A**hole] To be honest with your parents about your childhood?”

He says that his family was growing up, and that he was only able to attend college through scholarships and what he calls a “s**tty part time job.” Though he says it was difficult, he has no resentment towards his parents.

However, his luck changed when he met his partner. While u/Icy-Cellist449’s family found it difficult to survive, her husband’s family is wealthy. He works for his father and holds a cushy job.

This summer, Opie and his partner went on vacation with their partner’s parents, which was filled with “watching and bouncing around in their different vacation homes.”

On the way home, u/ic-cellist449 and his partner met OP’s parents. The conversation kicked off and the OP said that summer felt like “what all my childhood summer breaks should have been like.”

His mother was hurt by this remark and told him that they would do the best they could. He said he didn’t think differently, but it led to an argument—and the trip was cut short due to tension.

In a follow-up comment, the OP clarifies that he meant it as a joke, and thought it would be taken how he intended – e.g. “It’s summer vacation that kids dream about,” They said. But he realizes that his tone was lost and that he had hurt his parents’ feelings, and he will apologize.

A man is being criticized for a joke he made with his parents about the extravagant vacation he had “must have” as a child.
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Reddit pulled up u/Icy-Cellist449 for his comment.

,[You’re the A**hole], You can be honest about your childhood by saying that you were poor. Saying ‘My childhood was supposed to be like this’ when your parents didn’t choose to be poor is a big deal [a**hole] move,” u/ElevatorOk8601 wrote in the top rated comment with 13,900 upvotes. “‘It was so easy to adjust.’ Someone please remove the silver spoon from OP’s mouth.”

,[You’re the A**hole],” wrote u/AstriumViator. “It will suck for the OP. If this relationship doesn’t last, he’ll be chasing that middle class/rich high for the rest of his life.”

“Don’t you know that every child must be taken to different vacation homes all summer? It’s in a covenant with the Almighty. Dang, if only the op hadn’t lost that invisible contract,” Easy-Concentrate2636 said wrote. “immature [You’re the A**hole] for op.”

newsweek Contacted u/Icy-Cellist449 for comment.

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