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Many Ways to Improve Memory with Dogs – Mercury News

Dear Carter Corner: It’s hard to get my dad to me when I call him. Are there any tips you can offer to help teach me when I call?

There are many ways to organize our children for a successful memory. Here are some tips that can get everyone on their right foot. As far as your dog is concerned, coming to you should always be positive and fun. For example, we don’t want to call our dog and then give him a bath when he can’t stand up to take a bath. Other areas we forget that our dogs may not be crazy about brushing, brushing their ears or teeth, and cutting their nails.

My first and last rules 1- Just say it if you believe it will happen and 2- If you say it will happen! This may mean that you need to go to your dog so that he can get their attention and encourage them to follow you to where you actually told them to come. Choose what you are calling your dog away from. We want to set them up for success, so I do not recommend starting your training by calling your dog away from sports or other really fun things, starting with something boring and a short distance from you.

Add distractions and distance because your dog is ready. The use of long lines can help when practicing in more open spaces, such as parks. This will allow your dog to cover the distance, but still be under your control.

Lastly, bring high cost treats. You know your dog will do anything for them and use them with this exercise. If you have further questions or need further assistance, please contact our Behavior Department to schedule a one-on-one consultation or sign up for one of our training classes.

Tasha Soda is a lead dog trainer for the Peninsula Human Society. SPCA Behavior Department. For more information, please visit, call 650-340-7022 or email [email protected]

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