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Marine jurisdiction denies housing mandate relief.

Marine County jurisdictions are rejecting efforts to reduce state housing rights.

The Bay Area Government Association rejected applications for reduction in housing allotment from Fairfax, Larkspur and Mill Valley during the third day’s hearing on Friday.

Court of Appeals for Madeira and Belvedere had the same result on September 29.

Municipalities are among the 10 local governments of the Marines. beautiful ABAG’s regional housing needs allotment, state directive to build new housing. The order calls for the approval of more than 14,000 additional homes in Marine County between 2023 and 2031.

Each marine appeal cited factors such as drought, forest fire hazards and land shortages to dispute the number of houses assigned to the community. The numbers were set by the California Department of Housing and Community Development.

During the hearing on Friday, all three appeals were initially rejected for the same reasons. One was that the ABAG did not find that any jurisdiction had failed to produce housing at the required rate.

For appeals citing drought as the reason for overcoming development, the board said the appellants did not submit a survey of any local scope of water use.

Each jurisdiction reported situations that could make the building more effective in high-risk areas, but they were told that the housing law does not consider natural hazards to be a barrier – except when the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the Department of Water Resources Determine that flood management infrastructure is inadequate.

ABAB board members could not consider appeals criticizing the procedure for determining the housing allotment. Board member Carlos Romero, mayor of East Palo Alto, said the board had to set a framework for the appointment process, which “none of us liked, but we had to accept.”

Board member Pete Auckland, the mayor of Novato, said Friday that he does not support the board’s approach to housing needs, calling it “in my opinion, cities and counties to fail.”

However, he said that as a board member he was obliged to review appeals “on a case-by-case basis”.

Although some commentators agreed with Auckland and pushed against the allotment, there were some Marines who commented on the appeals and wanted to reject them.

Debra Tobey and David Lyon of the Marines told ABAG that they are concerned that cities and towns do not want to meet the needs of equal development.

Leon said in an emailed comment, “Equity adjustment helps increase affordability, ensuring that everyone can live in the neighborhood of their choice based on individual and family needs, not the historical separation.” Based on samples. ”

“Exception zoning and community opposition in well-funded schools and public facilities are major obstacles to the development of affordable housing,” Tobe wrote.

“That’s because Marin and Sonoma counties are dramatically different today than they were four decades ago,” he said. “We need to allocate RHNA to address the effects of our historically unequal land use policies.”

Adam Wolf, director of Court Medira Planning, said there were no further appeals in the city.

“I can’t say the city will seek further treatment in court, but that’s what I’m thinking about,” said Larkspur Mayor Kevin Haroff.

“I’m interested in making enough records that can support litigation if it’s a course our city has decided on,” he said.

The board will hear appeals from Ross, San Anselmo, Susalito and Tabron on October 15. Appeal A hearing for the unconnected Marine County will be held Oct. 22.

San Rafael and Novato did not compete for housing allotment.

A final decision on all appeals is expected from the ABAG by the end of the year.

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