Marjorie Taylor Green wants to designate two abortion-rights groups as terrorists

Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Green revealed that she is pushing for legislation to treat two abortion-rights groups as terrorist organizations.

Green posted a video on his Twitter page on Thursday announcing the bill while standing outside the Supreme Court building.

In the video, she argued that abortion-rights groups Jen’s Revenge and Ruth Send Us should be considered terrorist organizations, just like al-Qaeda.

she captioned the video: “As we prayerfully await the Supreme Court’s decision tomorrow, I have introduced legislation to designate pro-abortion organizations as terrorist organizations that have set women’s pregnancy centers on fire.”

Marjorie Taylor Green (R-GA) speaks during a press conference on the House January 6 committee hearing at the US Capitol on June 15, 2022 in Washington, DC. Green released a video in which she is presenting a bill against two abortion-rights groups.
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“I am proud to introduce a bill that would declare the groups Ruth sent us and Jane’s Revenge as domestic terrorist groups,” Green said in the video.

“These groups claim credit for the fire bombings and attacks on women’s pregnancy centers and resource centers.

“These are things that should never happen in America.”

“Just as we declare groups such as al-Qaeda terrorist organizations when they claim credit for attacking Americans or attacking people and imposing their will on others, we should consider these radical groups to be domestic terrorists. The organization should also declare.”

In early May, Wisconsin Family Action’s headquarters in Madison was attacked with Molotov cocktails thrown through a window that started a small fire. No one was hurt in the incident.

Robert EvansAn investigative reporter for Bellingcat Publishing wrote a series of tweets saying that a group calling itself “Jane’s Revenge” had claimed responsibility.

newsweek was not able to independently verify the authenticity of the group. Little is known about the group, which transmits most of its messages through its website, graffiti, and flyers.

Concerns have also been expressed about threats of violence by abortion-rights group Ruth Send Us.

According to Fox News reportRuth Send Us has indicated targeting her protests at the home and church of Supreme Court Justice Amy Connie Barrett.

Earlier this month, the group’s Twitter page argued that it was “committed to nonviolence.”

Green continued to stress the importance of his bill, saying it would be a major victory if the Supreme Court were overturned. Roe vs. WadeThe landmark case that legalized abortion nationwide.

“No woman should ever be afraid to bring her child into the world. These radical pro-abortion groups must be stopped.

“I say this on the eve of the Supreme Court that will soon be issued to reverse their decision Roe vs. Wade,

“This is going to be a huge victory for the pro-life movement, unborn and moms-to-be in America.

“For too long women have been sold the lie that abortion is a way out of something they hadn’t planned for.

“But the true reality is that motherhood is the greatest gift any woman can ever receive.

“I am seeking your support on this bill and I am honored to introduce it.”

newsweek Marjorie Taylor Green has been contacted for comment.

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