On Sunday, the open representative of the GOP, Marjorie Taylor, reiterated her opposition to further aid for Ukraine and called for the control of existing funds.

Greene had previously made it clear in public statements that she would support ending Ukrainian military aid if Republicans gain significant gains in the mid-term elections. Domestic minority leader Kevin McCarthy shared her sentiments, stating that funding would cease under Republican leadership. In statements made by Axios, a Georgian congresswoman said that money should be saved for solving internal problems, referring in particular to the southern border.

“Under Republican rule, not a penny will go to Ukraine,” Greene said at a Trump rally in Iowa in early November. “Our country comes first. The only limit [Democrats] it cares about Ukraine, not the southern border of America. They don’t care about our border or our people. “

Above, a representative for Marjorie Taylor Greene at her trial in April. Greene called on Sunday for an audit of funds sent to Ukraine by the US government.
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Before the mid-term, Republicans like Greene expected major gains in the Senate and House of Representatives. Now that Democrats retain control in the Senate and the GOP looks at the least razor-thin majority in the House, it remains to be seen what Republicans will be able to achieve in Washington’s new landscape. Despite this uncertainty, Greene confirmed in a Sunday morning tweet that she continued to control Ukrainian aid.

“I want to see where every penny has been allocated to Ukraine funding,” wrote Greene. “Everyone agrees with that, right?”

Newsweek contacted the office of Rep. McCarthy for comment.

On Sunday night, the Republicans won 212 seats in the House, scoring seven, while the Democrats won 203, losing eight. A total of 218 people are required to achieve a majority in the House, with most outlets and models predicting that the GOP government will ultimately prevail, but with only a small margin of 1-3 seats. MSNBC anticipates a final total of 219-216 in favor of the GOP, albeit with a margin of error of 4 places, meaning anything is still possible.

Despite having a majority, political analysts have noted that such a thin majority could pose a ton of problems, given that a handful of representatives are usually absent from any session in the House. With only a few missing members, the House Republicans may not be able to contribute anything. As seen in Senate 50-50 in the last two years, such a split would also give considerable influence to a small number of representatives whose positions differ from the main body.

As the House’s prospects seem minimal, there are growing doubts as to whether McCarthy will be able to gain the office of Speaker of the House once the leadership votes are held. Pressed on the subject, current Marshal Nancy Pelosi doubted that her Republican counterpart would be able to obtain the necessary votes.

“Why would I judge something that may or may not happen?” Pelosi said in a CNN appearance on Sunday. – No, I don’t think he has one. But it is up to his own people how they want to be led or otherwise.

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