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Mark Takano: White supremacists are recruiting veterans.

The House Democrats on Wednesday sounded the alarm about white supremacist groups in the United States targeting veterans for recruitment.

Democrats on the House Veterans Affairs Committee claim that ex-servicemen are at greater risk of being recruited by extremists and are increasingly willing to join the ranks of white supremacists.

Rep. Mark Takano, chairman of the House Veterans Affairs Committee, a California Democrat, said, “Destroying domestic violent extremist groups that recruit veterans is a major issue.” Planned hearings on the subject.

Republicans on the panel responded that Democrats were perpetuating falsehoods and painting veterans in a bad light.

Mike Boost, a Republican from Illinois, the committee’s leading Republican, said the “headline-grabbing” news of veterans in extremist groups did not tell the whole story.

“There are very few statistics on how many ex-servicemen are actually involved in violent extremism and subsequent operations,” he said. And there is no doubt that the majority of ex-servicemen are law abiding and peaceful. We can’t let a few bad apples spoil the whole bunch.

Democrats cited a number of experts who testified that the threat of white supremacy was growing and affecting the veteran community.

Cynthia Miller Idris, director of the Polarization and Extremism Research and Innovation Lab at American University, said the pace, scope and scale of right-wing extremism is growing and growing rapidly.

It described an “explosion of extreme right-wing violence” over the past five years, including white supremacists and far-right extremists responsible for two-thirds of domestic terrorism plots in 2020.

Other researchers look at different patterns.

Laura Reyes, a senior homeland security research fellow at the Conservative Heritage Foundation, said most of the testimony from the panel of experts continued the false story that the Biden administration was fabricating to target Republicans.

He said the number of domestic terrorist attacks was low despite President Biden’s Department of Homeland Security identifying it as one of the biggest threats to the country.

Ms. Reyes said there were 48 domestic terrorist attacks between 2018 and 2019 before the Black Lives Meter in 2018 and the wave of Antifa riots in 2020.

He said in an interview, “Very few, and yet the left is focusing and continuing on this story of domestic violence and white supremacy, especially the most permanent and deadly threat in the homeland.” Is.” “They completely ignore what actually happened in 2020. They don’t mention Antifa or the BLM. And so it’s completely biased, and how to use it to go after the Conservatives.” Going and following the ex-servicemen as an example of this hearing and they were silenced by free speech.

Still, extremism in the military has been the focus of Pentagon leaders since several active-duty service members were identified in the pro-Trump mob that attacked the US capital on January 6.

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin vowed to root out extremism in the service during his confirmation hearing a few weeks after the attack. Last spring, the Pentagon ordered a Department of Defense to address the scourge of extremism.

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