When it comes to the unified evolution of the Miami Heat, simplicity has never been the goal.

To this end, the Thursday edition of Miami Mashup Vol. 2 Uniforms takes the team’s approach to wardrobe to an exponential higher level.

Similar to last season’s original Mashup, built in black uniforms, the Mashup Vol. 2, constructed in white, allows the user to choose a T-shirt combination with one or two numbers, with each digit echoing the style of the franchise’s previous season 35 outfits.

Last season, Heat offered eight styles of numbers to choose from, creating 5256 potential combinations of numbers / styles, ranging from 00 to 99 plus single numbers.

This season’s style palette has been raised to 12 – it now includes numeral styles from ViceVersa, Floridian Home, Association, and White Hot. This means there are now 12,656 number / style combinations.

“What’s so amazing about that,” Jennifer Alvarez, Senior Vice President of Brand and Creative Director of Heat, have 12,000 people in a building and no two uniforms are alike ”.

As with last season’s first mashup release, Heat riders were able to choose the style of their outfit numbers, providing additional options that are now available.

All number styles available for purchase as “Player’s Pick” T-shirts differ from the combinations selected by players from the previous season.

Similar to last season’s uniform release, the Miami Mashup Vol. 2 celebrates the iconic court appearance throughout the team’s 35-year history, including the words “Miami”, “Heat” and the “ball and flame” logo. Smaller, more historic details on the uniform, including the “15 Strong” anthem sign, “yellow rope” finish, a championship belt graphic and satin-striped side panels.

It is also the return of last season’s Mashup court, with an added twist along the centerline of the “Est. 1988 “, to commemorate the brand’s creation as part of the band’s 35th anniversary celebration.

Of Heat’s distinctive variety of City Edition jerseys, Alvarez said, “It turned non-basketball fans into Heat fans.”

The first Mashup T-shirt from last season sold better in one year than any previous City Edition T-shirt.

“We were ready for the success of Mashup. We were able to take advantage of it, ”said Alvarez of the team that increased last season’s style order. “As much as people loved Vice, they were really excited about what the next new thing would be.”

In addition to the band’s stores, the Mashup jerseys will be available at the Heat Jersey Lab outside of the 112 FTX Arena section, where the team will once again offer fans to personalize the numbers.

“This is the perfect final,” said Alvarez.

In addition to Thursday’s home game against Charlotte Hornets, Heat is set to play 20 more times in Miami Mashup Vol. 2: November vs. Hornets, November 12 vs. Hornets, November 16 in Raptors, November 23 vs. Wizards, November 25 vs. Wizards, November 27 in Hawks, December 2 in Celtics, December 8 vs. Clippers, December 10 vs. Spurs, December 20 vs. Bulls, December 28 vs. The Lakers, December 31 in Jazz, January 4 in the Lakers, January 6 in the Suns, February 11 in Magic, February 13 against the Nuggets, March 1 against the 76ers, March 6 against the Hawks, March 8 against the Cavaliers, March 25 against the Nets, and March 28 against Raptors.


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