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Masked men blew up a Land Rover in a suspected arson attack on Chris Peckham’s home.

Bodyguard Chris Peckham. Describes how two masked men set up. Fire A car exploded in front of his home, causing extensive damage to property. Damage.

Presenter and. Campaigner He said two men wearing hoodies and Mask Went to his door Hampshire Home before setting the Land Rover on fire.

Mr Peckham said in a video that the car then exploded, its gate destroyed and thousands of pounds were lost. Twitter.

He also accused the perpetrators of harassment and intimidation, adding that he often found dead birds, foxes and badgers outside his home in the new forest.

“I wonder where it’s going, what happens next?” Mr Peckham said in the video. “Will they ever kill me? I think that’s a fair question.”

The BBC presenter alleged that those who carried out the attack were aware of surveillance cameras around his home and took great care to avoid them.

“On Friday morning, two masked and masked men drove a car to my gate and set it on fire,” he said. “He was well aware of the CCTV in the area. He took great pains to hide himself.

“The car exploded and was dealt with quickly and efficiently by Hampshire Fire and Rescue and the police were there and, as always, they did a great job. But before they did much damage to my property. Was delivered

While praising the police response to the attack, Mr Pekham questioned why it could no longer be used to target online abuse in protest of animal cruelty.

Despite working with the police, the law as it stands means I am unable to take any action against it. [internet trolls]”But it’s a hate crime, there’s no ambiguity about it,” he said.

He concluded with a sincere address to the perpetrators of the “evil and cowardly” attack.

Mr Peckham said: “Whoever you are, you set fire to the wrong doors. You’re wrong when it comes to foxes being brought to pieces by dogs.

“I will definitely continue. I will not let your threats get in my way.

A Hampshire Police spokesman said: “We were called at 12.43am on Friday morning after reports of criminal damage to a Marchwood home.

“It was reported that a fire broke out in a vehicle outside a property, which later spread to the surrounding gate and fence.

The Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service contained the blaze. No arrests were made. ”

The firefight came before Mr Peckham filed a petition on Saturday to take the children’s march to Buckingham Palace, asking the royal family, with more than 100,000 signatures, to reclaim their land. ۔

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