‘Masked Singer’ fans may have uncovered Hydra’s secret identity

masked singer Season 7 is airing now on Fox, and Hydra is one of the most interesting costumes on the show this year.

Three Heads makes us think that there are three people inside the costume, just like two seasons ago when Hanson was inside Russian Doll. However, the fact that it also has three legs confirms that there are two people there.

With this knowledge and the first clue package, Fox singing contest viewers feel like they’ve worked out exactly which famous pairing might be behind Hydra.

Read on to find out who masked singer Viewers think Hydra is in costume – and the clues they found there.

Who Is Hydra On ‘The Masked Singer’?

Hydra on “The Masked Singer”. Fans think a famous magician duo is inside the suit.

Miami water skis, sharks, beach balls and ATMs (along with the fact that the Clue package was gum-themed another possible indicator) were the clues this celebrity lover was given.

Another clue sent the judges in the wrong direction. A magical eight-ball with three written on it that read “Ask Your Amigos” got the judges thinking that it was three amigos Inside the costume, Chevy Chase, Steve Martin and Martin Short. Unfortunately, Short and Martin are busy shooting season 2 of only murders in the building, The same goes for the second judge’s guesses about Steve Buscemi, John Goodman and Jeff Bridges. Goodman is busy filming a network sitcom, and it doesn’t seem like Oscar-winning star Jeff Bridges is interested in a show like that.

As for Ken Jeong’s claim that he’s getting “Will Smith vibes…”, while Smith definitely needs some reputation management right now, masked singer Just days after winning an Oscar would certainly be a lateral step for a man who made over $40 million in 2020.

A more plausible suggestion was Jack Black, possibly with his steadfast D bandmate Kyle Gass. Black voices the shark of the same name shark Taleand once made a documentary called Saving Miami, But then again, Hydra doesn’t sound much like Black, which again could be a very famous touch for this year’s cast, which has so far been distinctly C-list.

Penn Taylor Masked Singer
Penn & Teller did it in 1995. Several clues point to her being a Hydra on “The Masked Singer”.

This leaves only one plausible fan theory—the magicians Penn and Teller.

for one, masked singer Twitter is full of fans who think Hydra’s singing voice sounds exactly like Penn Gillette’s speaking voice.

Then there are the clues:

  • Miami water skis: Both stars made guest appearances on TV shows Miami VicePenn in 1985 and Taylor in 1987.
  • Shark: His . In off the deep end Specifically, Taylor appears to have been kept in a wooden box in shark-infested waters. Also, when the pair appeared in the 1999 episode simpson (to a fellow Fox show masked singer), Taylor is being lowered into a tank full of sharks. What’s more, Penn also starred in Sharknado 3And the pair can certainly be considered “card sharks”.
  • Beach Ball: The clue package shows Hydra stamping a beach ball with a bull. couple hosting Penn & Teller: Bullsh*t!A show where he “printed” pseudoscience and other fraudulent activities.
  • ATM: That is, an automated teller machine.
  • Gum: There’s a bit of a tight link here, but the pair made an appearance once Dr. Oz Show To disprove the claim that chewing gum stays in your stomach for seven years if you swallow it.
  • In another moment of the clue package, we see a string of red Solo Cup lights. Some have read this as a reference to Penn and Teller’s cup-and-ball trick.
  • Magical Eight Ball: The fact that there is a “three” on the ball is one of the clues that spectators point to to prove that there is a trio in costume. Meanwhile, others see it as a reference to the pair’s regular use of three clubs in their card tricks – chosen by many TV magicians because it reads well on camera.

masked singer Season 7 airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on Fox.

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