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Matt Hancock was given a job at the United Nations to help restore Africa’s cowardice.

Boris Johnson’s former health secretary. Matt Hancock. Has been assigned a new role. United Nations As Special Representative for Africa

Mr Hancock said he had the “honor” of being nominated by the United Nations as an ambassador tasked with helping Africa’s economy recover. Covid Crisis.

The Conservative MP resigned as health secretary four months ago after he was caught violating social distance laws by kissing an aide in his office.

Backbench Tory tweeted about his new job, “Proud to be UN special envoy.

“I will work with the United Nations and the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa to promote Africa’s economic recovery and sustainable development.”

UN Under-Secretary-General Vera Songway praised Mr Hancock’s “success” in helping the UK develop the vaccine.

“The rapid growth of vaccines, which has propelled Britain towards rapid economic recovery, is a testament to the strengths you will bring to this role,” he said.

This comes after MPs’ damning report on Parliament’s Science and Health Select Committees on Tuesday found that delays in enforcing the lockdown were one of the UK’s worst public health failures.

The report offered Hancock some endorsement, however – stating its April 2020 target of testing 100,000 quads a day was “a fit for rapid change in the appropriate system.”

But the former Downing Street strategy. Dominic Cummings Rejected the notion that Hancock was the one who galvanized the system.

“There was already one. [testing] Hancock blurred it out on TV, “Cummings told Sky News.” The problem with the target was not the target. The problem is, it should have been more than a million.

Johnson’s former senior adviser added: “The way. [Hancock] Announced that it caused a lot of trouble – it was not a reality to have a target of 100,000, which already existed.

In his acceptance letter for the UN job posted on Twitter, Hancock wrote: “As we recover from the epidemic, we must take this moment to make Africa prosperous.”

Hancock’s new job was an “interesting and important one,” said Tory MP Tom Tugandhat, chairman of the Select Committee on Foreign Affairs, adding: “Developing Africa’s economies is the most important task of this generation.”

Hancock and his girlfriend Gina Coladangello were spotted in the Swiss Alps on their first vacation as a couple.

He resigned as health secretary in June, several days after the couple’s case surfaced during an epidemic.

The lawmaker recently compared Alan Partridge to a Twitter video of people meeting in his western Suffolk constituency.

“Nice to see you,” said one woman, touching his arm. “You were wonderful.”

“Well, you know – we’ve gone through it, haven’t we? And now we’re coming from the other side,” Hancock replied.

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