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Matt police interrogate Sarah Award winner’s killer over ‘sexual assault on drag queen’

Of Metropolitan Police An officer who killed Sarah Euward is facing a new investigation after Drag Queen was accused of sexual assault.

Van Cousins, who is currently serving a life sentence for the abduction, rape and murder of 33-year-old Ms Everard, allegedly attacked a pub in her hometown of Dale, Kent in 2018.

Drag Queen, who was in a costume, alleged that Van Cousins ​​attacked her when she was standing in a bar and then suggested that she engage in sexual activity on a nearby street.

He claims that Cousins ​​revealed that he was a police officer when he asked him to stop.

“He went to my back and I went, ‘Hey, stop him. My partner is there. He went.’ Do you know who I am? ‘ And I went, ‘Do you know who I am?’ , The actor said. Mirror.

“I told him the name of my drag stage and he said, ‘I’m a cop.’ I told him, ‘I don’t tell you who you are, you don’t touch me.’

“After I calmed down a bit, he went, ‘Do you want to go back in the dark and give me a BL ** job and we can do something?’ I said to him, ‘I told you, p *** off.’

The alleged victim, who reported the incident to Kent Police after Ms. Euward’s case was publicized, said she feared it would not be taken seriously if she brought the matter to the attention of police.

“I didn’t tell any of my friends about it – I’m ashamed,” he added. “Every time I go out now, I stay close to my partner, I don’t get lost. I don’t go to the bar myself anymore.

Kent Police said in a statement. Free He was informed of the alleged incident, which took place between April and October 2018.

Van Cousins ​​faces a life sentence for the murder of Sarah Award.


The force added that the matter was later handed over to the Metropolitan Police.

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said: “We can confirm that a crime report has been received from Kent Police regarding allegations of sexual assault in a Dell pub in the summer of 2018. Detectives are reviewing the information and questioning continues. Is.”

The allegations are the latest in a string of lawsuits filed against Ms. Euward since her conviction for murder. In recent weeks, it has been reported that a former officer brought a prostitute to a party and a bodyguard came to the police station to look for her.

Cousins ​​is believed to have taken part in a WhatsApp group chat with five other officers, the contents of which are being investigated by police superintendent Doug for gross misconduct.

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