Maura Healey elected governor of Massachusetts;

Maura Healey elected governor of Massachusetts;


Two women made history by winning the governorate races in mid-term elections in 2022 – becomes the first two openly lesbian governors in the US

Maura Healey is the first woman to be elected governor of Massachusetts. Tina KotekThe projected winner of the Oregon Governor’s Race will only be the second woman selected to lead her state.

Healey, who? he was the first to openly gay attorney general elected nationally in 2014, previously a civil rights lawyer. She led the first state challenge against the Defense of Marriage Act, which outlawed same-s*x marriage.

Maura Healey
Maura Healey won her campaign for governor of Massachusetts.

CBS Boston

As the attorney general, she worked to hold Purdue Pharma and the Sackler family accountable for their role in fueling the opioid epidemic, and her office sued Ex*on Mobil for lying about climate change.

She was active on the platform for investing in housing, public transport, clean energy economy and vocational training.

Healey won the governorate race with Republican Geoff Diehl. Governor Charlie Baker, a Republican, decided not to run for re-election.

Massachusetts had a female governor before – Jane Swift was the first woman to take office in 2001 – but she was appointed to office rather than elected when former Governor Paul Cellucci was appointed US ambassador to Canada.

Healey ran alongside candidate for Lieutenant Governor Kim Driscoll, the mayor of Salem.

The Human Rights Campaign applauded Healey’s victory, saying, “As one of the first governors of our country, she will not only be an advocate of equality policies, but also a role model for the entire LGBTQ + community.”

In Oregon, the counting of votes had taken a few days earlier Kitten’s victory in the three-man race it was clear and her Republican opponent surrendered. Kitten has been a home speaker in Oregon since 2013. She worked for a nonprofit before becoming a state representative in 2007.

Tina Kotek
Oregon Democrat Tina Kotek served as state legislature and president of the House of Representatives before running for governor.

Tiny Kotek flyer by Reuters

She moved to Oregon from the East Coast in 1987 and graduated from the University of Oregon.

“I also came out as a lesbian in my twenties and it was liberating,” says Kotek. campaign site. “Although it has not always been easy, each disclosure to others has strengthened my resilience. For me, disclosure has become a personal responsibility for undermining hatred and bigotry. , I fought for national partnership rights for faculty and students at the University of Washington.

Tina has been with his wife Aimee for 17 years.

Kotek faced Republican Christine Drazan and independent Betsy Johnson, a former Democrat who distracted some voters from Kotek. Oregon has had a democratic governor since 1987.

Oregon Governor Kate Brown, who chose not to run for re-election, stayed the first openly bis*xual governor in the country in 2015. Before that, she was Oregon Secretary of State and became governor when Governor John Kitzhaber resigned.

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