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Maxim Pierre says no one should give up their dreams – Mercury News

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One of the most important things you can learn in life is to adapt. Especially if they see their dreams die. For a young footballer, Maxim Pierre, when a traumatic injury temporarily robs him of the ability to walk, he has to watch his dreams slip through his fingers in pain. But that tragedy doesn’t stop him from building the life he envisioned for himself.

When Max was 15, he signed a football contract in his native France. But when he broke his ACL in the first six months of training and did not recover, his dream of playing football ended before it even began. There is depression and anxiety for this young man, because he had to fight to learn to walk again and find a new direction in life. “You know, I really felt like I was disappointing my loved ones when my dream of becoming a professional footballer ended. There was so much anger in my stomach that I could only succeed. I had no choice. I thought of success from morning to evening. I dreamed of success,Says Maxim Pierre.

This campaign of success helped Max find a new path that was calling him. In 2016, he was introduced to network marketing and quickly saw the potential to make his dreams come true. Over the next two years, he joined two network marketing companies, one from the United States, which gave him global reach. By 2020, Max had a network of 30,000 customers and partners worldwide. Through network marketing, it has earned over کمیشن 1 million in commissions and helped countless people learn how to make their dreams come true.

Even with rapid growth, Max’s goal is to be humble and ready to learn. To find opportunities in the global market, he studies other languages ​​and tries to continue the ways that influenced him from the beginning. He takes a holistic approach to his overall well-being, balancing his body, mind and soul. He trains his body every day and engages in activities like regular reading and meditation. “To keep growing, I have to keep growing. The key is to keep taking the steps that allowed us to go there, even emphasizing them.

Max believes that, for some, the most important part of growing up is learning. The only way to overcome this is to break the stalemate. To help others, Max also offers financial education and guidance. It is not easy to be steadfast in trials, but it is worth it. The 24-year-old millionaire is living proof that anything is possible with determination.

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