Maybe only Bo knows what Deebo can’t do

Welcome to the first playoff-edition mailbag of this 49ers’ season. Let’s speed up and my . reach your queries through instagram And Twitter Saloon before Sunday’s wild-card game at the Dallas Cowboys:

Can Deebo punt? (@pixel_me_rollin)

What can’t Deebo Samuel do? It’s like Nike’s old “Bo Knows” commercials with Bo Jackson (circa 1989-90). Dibo knows how to get: He leads the NFL with 18.2 yards per catch (1,405 yards, six touchdowns). DiBo knows how to run: His eight rushing touchdowns were the most by an NFL “wide receiver.” Dibo knows how to pass: He threw his first touchdown pass on Sunday. I know we should leave the emergency punting to Robbie Gould, who admirably filled in for Mitch Wishnowski (concussion).

Defense of 49th run offense vs Cowboys, who wins in that fight? (@truejrsince85)

Well, just when it looked like the 49ers were too predictable against the Rams, he set himself up for 31 carries and 135 yards. A mix of Samuel’s ferocity and breaking pace, rookie Elijah sets the tone with a respect for Mitchell. “You see a lot of people play physically in this league, but people have to get to a certain place to get to that level. Deebo doesn’t. It’s natural,” said coach Kyle Shanahan. “He can fall asleep right before kickoff and he will come out and not hesitate in the first game.”

What is Jimmy’s value to the Niners for 2022 and do any other teams offer a trade deal that meets that value, or are we more likely to hold onto that? (@Sporty_Miner)

It’s the 49ers’ Ultimate off season Question. A day 2 draft pick (2nd or 3rd round) looks like a bargain to a buyer. If he wants to get selected in the first round, he honestly has nowhere to go, as it means the 49ers will have their sixth Lombardi Trophy in hand.

What will Jimmy have to do in the playoffs to stay in next year? (@chasking123)

We all learned last year: Garoppolo isn’t done yet. He was out in the final season in place of Matthew Stafford or Aaron Rodgers. Once the Niners were traded to No. 3 in the draft and took Trey Lance, he was eliminated. Her job was definitely lost after passing out with a week 4 calf injury. He looked ripe with a sprained thumb that kept him out by the 17th week. He then overcomes a muddy one in Sunday’s first half and makes the most clutch comeback in franchise history to reach the playoffs. This is next year. He’s still here. for now.

Were the whole “mix/match Jimmy and Trey” signs last week aimed at messing with the Rams’ preparation? Or, possibly, genuine uncertainty about JG’s availability? (@sunset_district)

A week after winning Garoppolo’s place in the home finale, it was all a ploy for Lance to prepare the Rams as well. (Sidebar: The only way the 49ers can host a playoff game at Levi’s Stadium is if the No. 7 seed Philadelphia Eagles advance to the NFC Championship Game with them.)

If the Niners beat Dallas, do you think we stand a chance of beating the Bucks or the Packers? (@wyldcannamatt)

The second half-niners (vs. Ram) can definitely go the distance. Not that first-half version. To be honest, this team and the coaching staff are so tested that sometimes upheaval is possible. Otherwise I wouldn’t have booked a room for the divisional or conference round at Green Bay last month.

If we win, do we play the Packers, or the winners of the Bucks-Eagles game? (@grady.shaffer13)

The Packers, as the No. 1 seed, receive a bye this weekend and then host the lowest remaining seed, who, if they win and the No. 7 Eagles lose, will be the No. 6 49ers.

Has Dre Greenlaw played well enough to retain his starting position when Aziz Al-Shayer comes back? (@quatchh_)

Leave it to Greenlaw to fight a groin tear on that Week 1 pick-six. He played 50 snaps in just two games this season before Sunday’s 63-snap, 12-tack workload, which included a quarterback hit on the blitz. Aziz is in a “might” stage about returning to (knee) practice, so expect more from Greenlaw.

Can you decode your posted game notes? (@raymondp33)

My play-by-play shorthand: I scribble first the yard line, down-and-distance (sometimes), then use jersey numbers to describe a run (19r is a Debo Samuel run) Or pass (19-15 is Samuel’s touchdown pass to John Jennings), and I’ll circle the yards I’ve received. I’ve tried to transition to typing in my laptop, but often resort to a method that took root 30 years ago in high school fields. For stationery, that graph paper is courtesy of an old St. Louis Rams press box. Savage Tool for 49ers-RAMs games.

What were you thinking when we were down 17-0? (@_hestillundefeated_’s)

Will Trey Lance warm up in the Sophie Stadium tunnels at halftime — and am I ready to golf this week. (COVID took me home from the 49ers’ best win in Seattle since 2019, but I’ve made a comeback, and thanks to everyone who sent the best wishes.)

Hey Cam, glad you’re feeling better, but how’s Trent Williams’ elbow? (@neilwilsonvoice)

Thanks, but I don’t know what to expect from Williams, the other Shanahan said his Pro Bowl left tackle worked too hard to suit, but not on Sunday. If he’s able to practice on Thursday—his only full speed session all week—that would make me and the 49ers feel a lot better.

Will the 49er stand on the Dallas (midfield) star after Sunday’s touchdown? (@daniel_2873)

The first year on the 49ers’ beat, I was at the old Texas Stadium in 2000, and I watched in awe from the press box when Terrell Owens celebrated with a sprint in midfield for the first time. Emmitt Smith then recovered that plot of land. I was on the field behind the end zone and once Owens made his Texas two-step and closed for midfield again, watched in disbelief. No one in this team has the guts or the selfishness to imitate it.

What do you think the ratio of Niners fans to Cowboys fans will be in the game? (@julian.laughs11)

It seemed 50-50 when the 49ers opened (and won) their 2014 season. Cowboys want their fans to wear white clothes. The 49ers Faithful can be counted on for the red herring, as the Rams saw off on Sunday.

ambry thomas lockdown (@peyt_ace)

It feels like a thriller film. Great ending, I hear.

I have no questions and I just want to say: Nick Bosa for the Comeback Player of the Year. (@st_53)

If Bengals’ Joe Burrows doesn’t win it, it will go to Cowboys’ Dak Prescott, and Bossa could turn his aggression away on Sunday by adding his career-high 15 1/2 sacks after last year’s Week 2 ACL . Tears.

No question, it just looks so good that NINERS broke the rams! (@splinterjn)

No question.