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McConnell joined the Senate Judiciary Republicans and condemned the AG’s school board memo.

Senate Republican Leader. Mitch McConnell. Angered by the Attorney General, Hill has joined the Republican Party. Merck B. Garland.School board memo

In a letter to Mr. Garland Sent Friday, Mr. McConnell He called the memo misleading and asked for several explanations.

The Republican leader wrote, “Your offensive rhetoric does not reflect the reality we have seen on school boards across the country in recent months.”

The letter follows Mr Garland’s memo earlier this week instructing federal authorities to develop strategies to deal with the “disturbing increase” in threats and violence against school boards.

Mr. McConnellHowever, Mr. Garland’s memo lacks clarity.

“The memorandum intends to respond to the ‘disturbing increase’ in threats and harassment against these officials – whether it is silent on the perpetrators or any real prediction of action.”

He also said that parents have every right to be involved in their children’s education and said that the low level of interest shown by parents should be appreciated and encouraged.

A Kentucky lawmaker has condemned any act of violence and acknowledged that some recent school board meetings have included “disputes,” mostly without incident.

He also pointed to the numerous efforts of government officials to “manage to intimidate and harass parents who want a better education for their children.”

“The intimidation of private citizens by government officials is a violation of our federal civil rights laws,” he said. McConnell Said.

Mr. GarlandThe National School Boards Association (NSBA) sent a letter to President Biden urging federal officials to investigate and monitor the violence and intimidation.

The association said there have been “attacks” on school board members and teachers who have approved mask policies on the corona virus and that many people face the physical dangers associated with fighting a critical race ideology in schools.

The NSBA called on the federal government to “investigate appropriate action against these crimes and acts of violence” under the Patriot Act on domestic terrorism and other federal laws.

Mr. GarlandThe memo received an immediate response from Republican lawmakers. Eleven Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee told the attorney general Thursday. Merck B. Garland. In a letter, he said he was concerned about the “appearance” of the Justice Department, “controlling the speech of citizens and concerned parents.”

“We urge you to make it clear to the American public that the Department of Justice will not interfere with parents’ right to appear before school boards and will talk to teachers about their concerns, even if it is related to the corona virus.” Be it about critical education in schools, sexually explicit books in schools, or any other topic, ”the senators wrote.

He said it was inappropriate to use the Patriot Act and federal powers “to eliminate questioners on local school boards” and that the NSBA’s proposal would likely cool parents’ speeches at school board meetings. ۔

Mr. McConnell Asked for further clarification from Mr. Garland On many important points of that Memo operative definitions including “harassment” and “intimidation” as they are used in memos, and whether the attorney general or of that The staff discussed the issue with the American Federation of Teachers, the National Education Association or the National School Boards Association before issuing the memo.

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