Meek Mill provided one of the funniest moments of the NBA season when he inadvertently got involved in a Philadelphia 76ers match against the Phoenix Suns.

The 35-year-old rapper who hails from Philly was sitting on the 76ers bench as he thought he would stretch his legs as his team led Suns 45-29.

As the Suns carried the ball onto the court, in the background an umpire running down the sideline who suddenly hit the waist as play continued.

The referee was thrown to the floor and the fans sitting on the pitch jumped up to help the referee who was still in duty even though he was on all fours.

Meek Mill inadvertently became involved in the Philadelphia 76ers game against the Phoenix Suns when he accidentally knocked over an umpire on the sideline. The clerk was thrown to the floor.
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There was some confusion among commentators on NBA television as they tried to determine who was to blame before one of them exclaimed it was Meek Mill with his legs stretched out to the side of the pitch.

The rapper is a regular visitor to the Wells Fargo Center to support the 76ers, but this is the closest to the action.

Fortunately, the referee did not get injured during the game and Meek was able to continue to watch the action up close, allowing the 76ers to eventually beat the Suns 100-88 to hand over the Phoenix team only their third defeat of the season.

As the clip garnered thousands of views across social media platforms, there were many who wanted to comment on what they saw.

Many alluded to Curb Your Enthusiasm and to the point on a TV show where Larry David stumbled over Shaquille O’Neal of the Los Angeles Lakers, which led to the entire stadium booing the hapless figure and Shaq was taken out of court by Knee injury.

One TikTok user commented: “Larry David did the same [laughing emojis]”

Some commented on how Meek felt at home out of the way, and one TikTok user commented, “Meek stuck out his legs as if he owned this place.”

Another added: “Meek chatting there, I forgot about the game.”

While another felt the closeness of some fans was to blame, writing, “I swear the fans are very close at the NBA games.”

The third added that Meek would have been kicked from the sideline if he were a “normal” supporter: “So he should be kicked out immediately. Because any normal supporter would be. “

After the clip began to spread, the rapper himself posted the video on his Twitter along with a message apologizing to the judge.

Meek wrote: “Hov said once I would get stuck, I might trip over the judge lol, I apologized to him it was brazyyy tho [four laughing emojis].

The next time he watches the 76ers, the 6ft 2cm rapper can be placed a little further from the pitch so he can lie down and relax as much as he wants in one of his favorite places to hang out.

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