Meet the Cast of ‘Purple Hearts’ on Netflix

fans of Dear John, Colleague And Atonement don’t want to miss purple Heart on netflix.

The romantic film based on the novel of the same name by Tess Wakefield is directed by dead to meElizabeth Allen Rosenbaum.

purple Heart Follows the love story of Cassie, a struggling singer-songwriter, and Luke, a troubled Marine, who agree to marry purely for military gain. However, tragedy strikes in Iraq, and the lines between pretend romance and real life are crossed.

So, who’s in the cast of purple Heart on netflix? newsweek You have everything you need to know.

who is in the cast of purple Heart on netflix?

Cassie—Sophia Carson

Sofia Carson stars as Cassie, a struggling singer and songwriter working in a bar.

Cassie has type I diabetes and her career and bar job do not enable her to get good health insurance to pay for her medical bills.

Running out of options, Cassie suggests a fake wedding to her childhood friend Frankie, but because she has a girlfriend, she is introduced to her friend Luke, who agrees to the arrangement, with no strings attached. . Inevitably, however, things are not as easy as planned, especially when emotions are involved.

Carson is best known for her role as Ava Jalali Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists.

She is also known for playing Evie in Disney descendants for his roles in the film series and Austin & Allie, Feel the Beat And Songbird.

in addition to acting in purple Heart, Carson also serves as an executive producer, and she co-wrote and performed on the film’s soundtrack.

From Nicholas Galitzin as Luke, Sofia Carson as Cassie in Purple Hearts.
Mark Feldman / Netflix

Luke-Nicholas Galitzin

Nicholas Galitzin plays Luke, a recovering addict who owes a lot of money to his former drug dealer.

Luke is also a new recruit for the Marines, which he joins in hopes of a fresh start and to earn his father’s respect. His life is turned upside down when he is seriously injured by an improvised explosive device, which brings him and Cassie closer together.

Galitzine to star as Prince Robert in 2021 live-action cinderella, with Camila Cabello. His other credits include Chambers, The Craft: Legacy And handsome devil.

Frankie-Chosen Jacobso

Chosen Jacobs plays Frankie, Cassie’s childhood friend and Luke’s partner in Marines.

Jacobs is best known for playing young Mike Hanlon in Andy Muschietti’s IT and IT: Chapter Two, Wendell Dever Castle Rock and El Disney+’s . Feather Sneakerella.

Purple Hearts Cast
From left, Asante Jones, Chona Jacobs, Leroy Edwards III and Scott Deckert attend a special screening of Netflix Purple Hearts on July 22 at The Bay Theater in Pacific Palisades, California.
Charlie Gale / Getty Images for Netflix

Johno-Anthony Ippolito

Anthony Ippolito portrays Johno, a drug dealer from Luke’s past, determined to get Luke’s money.

Ippolito, best known for playing George Wright on Netflix grand army, also starred in Pixel Fool’s Day and uYou have the right to remain violent.

Nora-Kat Clever

Kat Cunning plays Nora, Cassie’s best friend and bandmate.

Crafty is an actor, model, dancer and musician, best known for playing Christina Fuego on HBO’s Deuce.

His other credits include trinket And marry me.

Cat Clever Purple Heart
Cat Cunning attends a special screening of Netflix Purple Hearts at The Bay Theater on July 22 in Pacific Palisades, California.
Charlie Gale / Getty Images for Netflix

Jacob Morrow Sr.—Linden Ashby

Lyndon Ashby portrays Jacob, Luke’s estranged father and retired military police officer.

Ashley, best known for her role as Noah Stilinsky in TV series teen wolfWill reprise his role as Noah Teen Wolf: The Movie, Which is set to debut on Paramount+ on October 15th. His other credits include The Young and the Restless, Days of Our Lives, Melrose Place And love.

Other artists include:

  • Lauren Escandon Marisol Salazar. In form of
  • John Harlan Kim as Toby
  • Scott Deckert as Jacob Morrow Jr.

purple Heart Now streaming on Netflix.

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