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Mega Loyalty swears allegiance to the January 6 flag. Glenn Yingkin forced to return

Richmond, Virginia – Former President Donald Trump called. “Back to Virginia” rally. Here’s the title for Wednesday night Steve Benn., A one-time White House strategist, became a right-wing radio host and podcaster. But neither was the headline of the twice-impeached former president: it came as a gathering of MAGA loyalists across the old Dominion who pledged allegiance to the American flag and sent it to Martha Bonita. It was said that “in a peaceful rally with Donald J. Trump on January 6”

This program is hosted by a fellow radio host. John Fredericks., Served as a non-governmental campaign rally on behalf of the Republican gubernatorial candidate. Glenn Yingkin, Which Trump has repeatedly endorsed. But Yingluck was not present, and was forced to abandon the entire show after the flag incident started a huge trend on Thursday. “I wasn’t involved and so I don’t know,” people saluted the January 6 flag, Yingluck. Told The Hill.. “But if that is the case, then we should not swear allegiance to this flag.”

Still, the outlook for this gathering of nearly 250 staunch Trump supporters clearly focused on the hot race between Yangkin and former Gov. Terry McAlfe, the Virginia Gov. Race, a veteran Democratic operative and Bill and Hillary. Clinton had close allies.

Yingluck has attempted a complex two-step, maintaining some distance from MAGAverse in a purple state showing “moderation” that tends toward Democrats, but without losing the support of Trump loyalists. ۔ It’s working, it shows the neck and neck race with McAuliffe, and Trump personally called Wednesday night to offer Yingluck his full support. Yet Again.

“Glenn Yingkin is a great gentleman,” Trump told the enthusiastic crowd via speaker phone. We won in 2016. We won in 2020. The most corrupt election in the history of our country, perhaps one of the most corrupt anywhere. But we are going to win it again. “

“I’m sure Virginia can win a lot, a lot, but we have to get everyone out and vote,” Trump added.

Wrinkle sheets of a petition calling for a “complete forensic audit” of Virginia’s 2020 results circulated throughout the event, at the behest of a woman who did not identify herself when asked by the salon. He said he had collected a large number of signatures and hoped that the 2020 election in Virginia would be reversed.

“Please take further notice that when the government is acting in a way that goes against the will and authority of the people, the people have to correct their behavior and resolve their grievances in accordance with the constitution.” , Which is to be handed over to Ralph Northam, a Democrat from the current Virginia government.

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Casey Flores, president of the Log Cabin Republicans (an LGBTQ conservative group), told Salon that he listens to Benn’s podcast “War Room” every day. “I wanted to come out and see Steve Benn,” he said, adding that many in the audience were not Republicans as much as hardline Benn fans and “those who lost their jobs to globalism … Forget the American people. “

Tom Oaks, another participant who traveled an hour and attended the gathering, told Salon that he was out to support Benn and “learn how to be more active in politics.” Business owner Roy Bordner said he came to the event out of concern that “people are afraid to speak out because of awareness,” although he was unhappy that Trump’s free hats were made in China.

Benn repeatedly assured people during the event that you don’t have to be a “donor” to take part in the movement, but from 250 or more people present (organizers claimed it was 450). About 45 45 was received. Tickets. At that price, Benn and company raised between $ 11,000 and $ 20,000 for the night.

In recent weeks, Benn has talked about the need for frequent 20,000 on his daily podcast. “Shocking soldiers” Be prepared to serve the second Trump administration, probably after the 2024 election, although he sometimes hints that it could happen sooner.

“Shock the soldiers? What?” One of the participants in the mega told Salon that he was not sure what the term meant. Three others, who did not want to be named, did not understand the reference, saying they did not identify themselves as “traumatized soldiers.” Very few in the audience fit Josh and the youth’s “Shock Troop” template. Ready to pay.

“I love Mike LindellKatie, an ardent supporter of Benny, told Salon when asked what she liked most about Benn’s daily program. She went in to explain the deals and said she supported the request for a full forensic audit in the state.

As night approached, Virginia’s San Amanda Chase, a former opponent of Yingluck, known for calling herself “Trump in Heels,” said she was trying to curb “voter fraud.” I, the Republicans, are watching the clouds, because we know cyber attacks are happening. ”

“The Yingluck campaign knows what’s going on,” he assured his audience. “We’re looking like we’ve never seen before.”

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