Meghan and Harry’s ‘You Against the World’ Attitude is a ‘Disaster’ – Tina Brown

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s “You Against the World” attitude has been called a “disaster” by Tina Brown ahead of the release of her new book. The Palace Papers: Inside the House of Windsor—The Truth and Turmoil, She said the Sussexes are “accustomed to drama.”

in an interview with wire This weekend, Brown said Harry and his brother Prince William’s relationship with the media has been heavily influenced by the treatment of Princess Diana in the 1990s. She says she is guided by their wives in how they handle the spotlight.

Brown’s book comes 25 years after the death of Diana, who died in a 1997 Paris car accident after a speeding chase with members of the paparazzi. It analyzes the relationship between the media and members of the royal family – an issue that has since claims made in the Sussexes’ bombshell 2021 interview with Oprah Winfrey, has drawn particular attention.

Former editor of several worldwide publications including newsweek And Vanity FairBrown claims that Harry’s attitude towards the press regarding the treatment of his mother, himself or his wife over time is not at all wrong. Still, she warns, “fighting with the British media is a lost cause … and unfortunately Meghan is as belligerent about it as she is.”

In comparison, Brown noted that “William and Kate take each other very quietly; their marriage works very well that way.

“In a Sussex marriage, they wind up each other and it’s against the world, and it’s a disaster.”

Talking about the relationship between William and Harry, Brown says that things are “very bad”.

“I have been told that nothing is going on between them at this time.”

The brothers have not appeared together in public since they attended the unveiling of a statue of their mother Diana at Kensington Palace in July 2021.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s “You Against the World” attitude has been called a “disaster” by Tina Brown. Brown (L) photographed in New York on April 20, 2005. Harry and Meghan (R) photographed in Johannesburg on October 2, 2019.
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Harry has not returned to Britain since that trip, where he claimed he was followed dangerously in a car by members of the paparazzi. This situation – with damaging parallels to Diana’s treatment at the hands of the press – prompted Harry to request a re-evaluation of his security statement by the UK Home Office. His security needs have been reevaluated after he and Meghan stepped down as full-time members of the royal family.

The Home Office reaffirmed its decision that the security provided to Harry during his stay in the UK was sufficient. Rajkumar then requested judicial review, which is currently being processed by the courts.

it ongoing legal battle This has been seen as the reason Harry did not attend the memorial service for his grandfather, Prince Philip, at Westminster Abbey last month – making him the only one of Philip’s eight grandchildren to attend.

On the relationship between the royal brothers in the wake of Harry and Meghan stepping away from their working royal roles, Brown reveals wire“Frankly, I think they should have found a way to solve it.”

She continued: “Harry and Meghan would have been a wonderful asset to the Commonwealth. They didn’t understand that the Queen was giving them this platform for soft power that could have been tremendous if they had done it patiently and strategically.” “

Speaking of Meghan, Brown sympathized with the culture shock experienced between the restricted voice of a member of the royal family and the fast-paced and reactionary power of being a Hollywood star as opposed to agency.

Brown notes: “I think Meghan felt like she could get out there and change it all… Frankly, she could have done a lot to change things, but the thing that matters the most.” Shockingly, she has impatience. She could have spent a year away and come back with a great game plan.”

The way the Duchess engages with the media and her mother-in-law Diana, Brown draws more than one comparison. The magazine editor knew firsthand that Diana’s bag of media tricks covered her life during the ’80s and ’90s. Brown also attended a private lunch with the princess and Anna Wintour a few weeks before her death.

Looking forward to the rest of the Platinum Jubilee year, Brown turns his attention to Harry’s upcoming memoir—during which he is expected to detail his relationships with family members he rarely sees anymore, and of which he and his wife were vocally critical. His Oprah interview.

In regards to the claims made to Oprah, Brown said, “William was disappointed about Meghan’s attack on Kate because she could not respond that the Duchess of Cambridge made Meghan cry before her wedding.” Nothing compares to how furious he will be when this book comes out.”

The monarchy’s future isn’t gloomy for Brown, however. He thinks that in the years to come, the real wealth will prove to be Kate, not Charles, William or Harry. “The royal business is going to be slow and crazy and self-oppressive”, she says, “but it seems we have someone very unusual in Kate, a modern woman who is willing to do those things.”

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