Meghan Markle bullying review looks like a ‘PR exercise to muddy the waters’

According to the anti-monarchy campaign group Republic, Meghan Markle may have provoked her staff to “distract attention from the Oprah interview”.

The Duchess of Sussex was accused of bullying her staff at Kensington Palace in March 2021, days before the broadcast of her Oprah Winfrey tell-all interview.

News leaked in UK newspaper many times A review was launched by Buckingham Palace about the allegations of bullying but The Sunday Times reported on June 19, that the findings would not be made public.

The palace has not commented on the story, but the suggestion has prompted fans of the Duchess to circulate the theory that it was kept quiet as it acquitted Meghan.

Another possibility is that the palace wanted to avoid re-igniting the Trans-Atlantic War with the Sussexes.

Graham Smith, chief executive of the anti-monarchy campaign group Republic newsweek There should be transparency.

“There is an issue here which is whether the outcome could be that this was all stirred up to divert attention from the Oprah interview, which was anticipated at the time, so some openness would be helpful,” he said.

“Also, has he bothered to see allegations of racism emanating from the Oprah interview? I guess the answer is no. The whole thing looks like a PR exercise to muddy the waters and blatantly denounce them on the allegations.” Keeps me from saying that Meghan has left.”

Meghan Markle speaks during the opening ceremony of Prince Harry’s Invictus Games 2020 on April 16, 2022 in The Hague, Netherlands. He was accused of bullying the staff at Kensington Palace.
Max Mumby / Indigo / Getty Images

Meghan and Harry’s Oprah interview was first announced in February 2021, after they won the High Court trial mail on sunday On the publication of a letter to his father.

However, while the world waited with bated breath to find out whether she would file bombing charges against the institution she left behind, an email sent by Jason Knauf, the former Kensington Palace communications secretary, leaked in October 2018. was. many times.

“I am deeply concerned that the Duchess was able to bully two PAs from home over the past year,” the email read. “Cure X” [name removed] was completely unacceptable.”

“The Duchess always intends to have someone in her sights. She’s bullying you [name removed] And trying to undermine her confidence.” [name removed],

The review was launched after the leak and was widely interpreted as an investigation into Meghan, with many speculating that it would either condemn or exonerate her.

Still, the palace at the time was careful to avoid that kind of language, saying they would “look” at the allegations “to see what lessons could be learned.”

While the damage to the allegations may be on Meghan herself, her supporters are eager to see the findings online in the belief that she will be acquitted.

The results of the suggestion have now been swept under the carpet, leading to a flurry of accusations of a smear campaign by the royal family.

#RoyalFamilyLied was once trending on Twitter with 62,000 tweets in the UK.

worker Tshwe Moleme Wrote: “So the royal family’s report of alleged staff bullying of Meghan Markle is now ‘buried’ and she should just forget about it after so many attempts to bury her name and reputation? In fact, she has to for months Was bullied. Let him go see the report.”

Christopher BouzyOne who investigated Meghan’s social media trolling as founder of Bot Sentinel wrote: “Why are you announcing the launch of an investigation into Meghan Markle’s bullying claims, but refuses to release the findings of the investigation ? It seems they found nothing, and they are too embarrassed to admit that nothing was found.”

Journalist Lorraine King wrote: “It’s interesting to see that most people I’ve seen tweeting want Buckingham Palace to publish reports on Meghan bullying claims. Meghan supporters want to publish it so it can acquit her while Meghan Critics of Critics want to publish it so that it can be proved. His guilt. Very interesting.”

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