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Merck’s new Covid 19 drug could be a game changer

Imagine if a person who was vaccinated against Covid 19 could go to a pharmacy and take a pill that would reduce their risk of dying from Covid 19 by 50%. This scenario could significantly reduce the number of unnecessary COVID-19 deaths, and it could become a reality in 2022.

On Monday, the pharmaceutical company Merck & Co. announced that it had submitted its application to the US Food and Drug Administration. Emergency use permission The first antiviral pill to treat covid 19. If approved, the pill – called molnoperivir – could prove to be an important milestone in eradicating the epidemic as an effective treatment option at home.

The idea behind the drug is that people at high risk can take a pill to prevent their COVID-19 case from getting worse and prevent them from being hospitalized or dying. According to An announcement From the company’s earlier this month, the results of its clinical trials reduced hospital admissions and deaths by 50 percent, with at least one high-risk factor for code-19.

Robert M. said, “There is an urgent need for more equipment and treatment to fight the COVID-19 epidemic, which has become a major cause of death and affects patients, families and societies and health care systems around the world.” It has a profound effect. ” Davis, chief executive officer and president of Merck & Co., said in a statement. “With these tremendous results, we are hopeful that as a part of the global effort to fight the epidemic, molybdenum could become an important drug.”

In fact, the results of the pill’s clinical trial are quite compelling, although they are yet to be reviewed and published. According to the company’s news release, its final phase of the clinical trial was so successful that it stopped registering articles after discussions with the US Food and Drug Administration. Based on participants with available viral continuity data (approximately 40% to 40% of participants), the treatment of molybdenum variants was consistently effective. Gamma, Delta, And mu. Similarly, side effects were comparable in patients who received the drug and in the testing group who received the placebo pill. Merck did not elaborate on the types of issues reported publicly, but they will likely be an important part of the FDA’s review.

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Of Step 3 Study More than 1,400 unsafe people were admitted who were at high risk of becoming seriously ill. Risk factors include obesity, diabetes, or being over 60 years old. About half of those enrolled received 800 mg of mulleinvir twice a day for five days. The rest of the participants received a dummy bullet. The trial participant began treatment within five days of developing COVID-19. Of the 385 people taking the drug, only 28 were hospitalized. Of the 377 placebo group subjects, 53 were either hospitalized or died. Within 29 days, no one who received molonovirus died, while 8 members of the placebo group died.

The pill is part of a class of antiviral drugs called nucleosides, which prevent the virus from replicating inside a person’s cells. This particular pill modifies the part of the genetic code that is responsible for replicating the virus itself, which eventually kills the virus.

Georgia State University virologist Richard Plumper explained recently Nature.. “The virus basically turns itself into death.”

As far as the cost is concerned, it is not clear how accessible such a treatment would be to the United States and the world. Accepting the FDA’s approval, the US government has agreed to buy large quantities of pills for about $ 700 to treat 1.7 million people, according to AP News.

“We set this price before we had any data, so it’s just a contract,” said Dr. Nicholas Cortesons, a senior vice president at Mark’s Infectious Diseases Unit. Interview with AP News “Obviously, we will be responsible for that and make this drug accessible to as many people as possible around the world.”

The drug will likely be available as a prescription in pharmacies, and will not be prescribed to everyone at first صرف only those who are non-vaccinated, and have at least one condition that can cause severe COVID-19. Puts more risk.

The FDA approval process for an emergency use permit could take weeks, but it could be before the end of the year. Once that happens, it could be a game changer for epidemics – especially during the winter, as immunizations are expected to increase the number of cases.

To date, the FDA has fully approved COVID-19 treatment, antiviral. remdesivir. However, contrary to the pill’s pending permission, remedial injection is given and found. Reduce recovery time For hospitalized patients

“If you can stop the virus before it makes someone very sick, it’s a game changer,” said Dr. Mike Ryan, executive director of the World Health Organization’s Health Emergency Program. Said during Facebook Q&A. Earlier this month

Regardless, top US health officials continue to advocate for the vaccine to be the best way to prevent COVID-19.

Dr. Anthony Fookie said last week, “It’s much better to protect yourself from infection than to treat it.”

However, about 68.68 million Americans are still immunized. If approved, it would be key to preventing deaths and burdening hospitals with COVID-19 patients.

“The price here is that it’s a pill so you don’t have to deal with all the factors in and around the infusion centers,” said Carctons, a senior vice president of Merck’s infectious disease unit. AP News. “I think it’s a very powerful tool to add to the toolbox.”

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