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Met police ‘close investigation into Prince Andrew’s sexual abuse allegations’

Scotland Yard will not investigate allegations of sexual exploitation. Prince Andrew, According to reports

The Mate Allegedly spoke to the accuser. Jeffrey of Virginia. And it is said that now it has been decided not to take further action on his claims.

The Duke of York is facing a civil suit brought to the United States by Ms. Jeffrey, who claims to have abused her at the age of 17.

Matt also said that it has been decided not to take further action on the claims against Ms. Jeffrey’s late Pedo Phil Jeffrey Epstein, who he said was involved in trafficking when the alleged incidents with Andrew took place. Was going

Ms Jeffrey said she was forced to have sex with Prince Andrew in 2001 at the home of Ghiselin Maxwell in London, when she was about 17 years old.

She also said that she was made to have sex with him at Epstein’s New York mansion and on his private island.

Prince Andrew and Ms. Maxwell deny the allegations.

Police have not confirmed that they spoke with Jeffrey recently.

In August, Commissioner Cressida Dick said the force would monitor progress in the civil suit against Prince Andrew in the United States and review his position on not opening an investigation into the allegations.

Matt has investigated Ms. Geoffrey’s allegations at least twice since 2015, but has never said it was a matter for US officials.

The force has said it will continue to work with US police on Epstein-related issues.

Reported in a statement. Mirror He said: “As a procedure, MPS officers reviewed a document issued in August 2021 as part of US civil action.

“This review is over and we are not taking any further action.

“We also reviewed the information provided to us by a media organization in June 2021. This review is complete and no further action will be taken.”

Prince Andrew’s lawyers have until October 29 to file a response to Ms. Jeffrey’s case. Her lawyers acknowledged that she had been served in late September, weeks after Ms. Jeffrey’s lawyers said they had delivered the case.

Shahi’s lawyers were allowed this week to Settlement between Ms. Jeffrey and Epstein in 2009 He is confident that the case against him will be settled.

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