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Metallica, Black Sabbath fans will want to check them out.

Two great metal bands so far – Black Sabbath and Metallica – have recently released deluxe editions of classic albums.

We’ll start with Black Sabbath – since, heavy metal as we know it started with them – and recommend that fans watch the great “Technical Ecstasy: Super Deluxe Edition” from Rhino Records.

Of course, Sabbath’s seventh album, released in 1976, does not appreciate some of the band’s efforts. And, frankly, it’s not an all-time classic in the Sabbath “skin” league. 4 “and” paranoid. “Still, it’s still a very strong outing, showing some interesting aspects (and voices) of singer Ozzy Osborne, guitarist Tony Aumi, bassist Geyser Butler and drummer Bill Ward.”

This extended edition includes a reprinted version of the original album, as well as another tech new brand mix on “Technical Ecstasy”. There are plenty of live tracks out there, alternate mixes and – the biggest selling point. It is available as a 4-CD set (59.98), 5-LP package ($ 109.98) It is also available through streaming / download sites.

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