Mike Lindell says America is ‘better off’ now because people know ‘how bad’ Fox News, Twitter are

MyPillow founder Mike Lindell criticized Fox News and the larger social media platform for commenting on the one-year anniversary of former President Donald Trump being banned from Twitter, claiming America is “better” now.

Lindell, a key promoter of the conspiracy theory that the 2020 election was “stolen” from Trump, made the remarks during an episode of right-wing strategist Steve Bannon. war Room Podcast on Saturdays. During the episode, Bannon, Lindell and other guests discussed Twitter’s decision to de-platform Trump on January 8, 2021 — who was also president at the time.

“How can you say we’re better than we were a year ago?” Bannon asked Lindell, after the businessman spoke optimistically about the past 12 months since Trump was taken off a mainstream social media site.

“Because we didn’t know — because they had a hidden agenda that we didn’t know how evil they were, Steve,” replied Lindell. “We didn’t know how bad Fox was, we didn’t know how bad Twitter was, we didn’t know how bad Zuk-A-Buck was [Zuckerberg’s] Facebook was. It all came to the fore,” he claimed.

MyPillow founder Mike Lindell said on Saturday that America is “better” than a year after former President Donald Trump was banned from Twitter. In this photo, Lindell points to the crowd during a Trump rally at Bemidji Regional Airport on September 18, 2020 in Bemidji, Minnesota.
Stephen Maturation/Getty Images

“So now it’s all exposed,” the pro-Trump businessman insisted. During the segment, he and Bannon discussed new online platforms—like Getr, Lindell’s Frank Speech, and Bannon’s podcast—that right-wing supporters have turned to over the past year.

Lindell said that his movement is “building a solid foundation of new forums that are speaking the truth, speaking the word of God. We will once again be a nation under God.”

Earlier in the segment, the MyPillow founder stated that people are “seeing the truth now” and that the right-wing movement is in “the best state ever”.

Despite criticizing Fox News, Lindell continued to advertise on it throughout 2021. As of January, his ads were still running on the network. However, he has repeatedly attacked and criticized the popular cable network, even organizing a small protest outside Fox News’ headquarters in New York City late last year.

“They [Fox News] A large part of our country is being taken from us,” Lindell claimed in late November 2021. He added that Fox News was going “middle” or “left”, claiming it was now leading the way in news. Not even reporting.

“You can at least report the news, Fox,” he said, urging his supporters to join a protest outside the network. They held a small demonstration with attendees carrying signs promoting their website Frank Speech.

Although Trump has repeatedly criticized Fox News, he regularly conducts interviews with popular hosts on the network who remain friendly to his politics. Fox News celebrities Maria Bartiromo, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham and many others are commonly seen as staunch supporters of the former president.

Twitter banned Trump from its platform on January 8, 2021, after supporters of the former president attacked the US Capitol two days earlier. The attack came after the former president used Twitter and other social media platforms to spread conspiracy theories about the 2020 election results, claiming that the election was “rigged” or “stolen” in favor of President Joe Biden. ” Had happened.

Twitter declined to comment for this article.

At a rally near the White House just before the Capitol attack, Trump urged thousands of his supporters to go to the legislative building and “fight like hell” to save his country. Hundreds heeded the directive in an apparent attempt to obstruct the formal certification of the Biden Electoral College victory.

Facebook and other social media platforms also banned Trump, strongly condemned by many conservative supporters. Free speech advocates and some world leaders also raised concerns about the tech giant’s decision, but many liberals and Democrats argued that the decision should have been made sooner. Left-wing critics of Twitter and Facebook have criticized the tech giants for allowing the January 6 violence to be conducted partly through their social channels.

While Trump and other conservatives have been removed from Twitter, the former president and his allies continue to promote baseless claims that Biden’s election victory was a fraud. Lindell has become one of the most vocal proponents of this conspiracy theory, traveling the country to organize and speak at large events to spread misinformation.

In December, Lindell told CNBC that he had spent about $25 million of his own money on the effort.

He said, “I will keep spending it because there is no tomorrow. We lose our country. We have only two ways: either it changes before the 2022 elections or we lose our country forever.” I will spend every penny I have,” he told Network. “I’ll spend whatever I have.”

Despite Trump and Lindell’s claims, no evidence has emerged to corroborate their allegations that the election was fraudulent. More than 60 election challenge lawsuits filed by the former president and his allies have failed in state and federal courts. Trump-appointed judges also ruled against legal challenges.

Audits and recounts across the country—areas in which pro-Trump Republicans oversee the election—have consistently confirmed Biden’s victory. Top Trump administration officials and many conservative supporters of the former president have repeatedly explained that there is “no evidence” to corroborate claims of widespread fraud in the last election.