Mike Pence criticizes Biden’s economic policies

In what seemed like a potential presidential candidate, former Vice President Mike Pence argued Monday that the country’s economic woes were almost entirely the result of Democratic President Joe Biden’s policies, and told an audience at the University Club of Chicago that Without change, Americans will “change” leadership very soon. ,

Speaking for about 40 minutes in front of a few hundred people in an ornate hall, Pence spoke of the economic successes of the “Trump-Pence administration”, but no direct reference to the man he served under former President Donald Trump. Reference not given.

Nor did he say anything about Trump’s efforts to pressure him to withhold the outcome of the 2020 election, which led to the January 6, 2021 uprising at the Capitol, where rioters “Hang Mike Pence”. Slogan.

Pence has become the focus of a House Select Committee mutiny investigation as the panel investigates whether Trump knew whether to withhold the Electoral College vote count of states that gave Biden the presidency for his vice president. His push was not legal. Pence refused to bow to Trump’s demands.

At the University Club, Pence made a solitary reference to “a sad day in our nation’s capital” which the country has been facing hard times since the pandemic.

Pence, 63, did not discuss any ambitions for the White House. Such a bid could come against Trump, who is considering another run.

But the former Indiana vice president and former governor lashed out at the policies of Biden and “radical left extremists” in the Democratic Party and their “agenda of more taxes, more regulation, less American energy and open borders.”

“The truth is that most Americans know that President Biden’s economic policies have completely and utterly failed and it is time for America to change direction,” Pence said. “The Biden administration ruined American prosperity faster than any other administration in our nation’s history.”

“President Biden offered a lot of excuses but few solutions,” he said.

Pence said Biden was mistaken in blaming the hike in gas prices on Russian President Vladimir Putin’s “unconscious invasion” of Ukraine.

“Gas prices are rising because of Joe Biden’s war on energy and it has to stop and stop today,” he said. “Runaway inflation is the predictable result of runaway spending. You can’t work your way out of a problem caused by over-spending.”

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Pence offered a traditional menu of conservative agenda items as an alternative, including opening up more domestic energy resources and “liberating the American people from oppressive taxation, tyrannical bureaucracies, and overpopulation of the economy”.


“We have the opportunity to see, write extensively, put into practice the agenda of the American Left without a filter, and we see a weak America at home and abroad,” the former vice president said. “Unless this administration changes course and their allies in Congress change dramatically, the American people are going to change leadership and change leadership very soon.”

Pence sprinkled his speech with biblical quotes as he promoted family and faith as a basis for achieving the “American Dream.”

“Strong families make for strong communities and strong communities make for a strong America. We have to build an economy that works for American families.” “I believe the top priority should be to preserve and strengthen families. It is fundamental to society today. At its core, it is the family that has made this country great.”

Pence also took a jibe at Illinois, saying residents have seen the effects of higher taxes and excessive business regulation.

“I have to tell you, formerly as your neighbor, when I was governor, I loved competing with Illinois for jobs,” he said.

“It broke my heart to hear that Caterpillar and Boeing were moving out of Illinois. They’re moving to lower-tax states,” he said of the recent corporate departure from the Chicago area.

“The truth is, however, the policies of the Biden administration are not going to cause you to move jobs from state to state. They’re going to move jobs from the United States to places like China. ,

Pence was due to speak at a Lincoln Day event in Peoria later on Monday.


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