We have already seen this movie.

Playmaker Lamar Jackson is the highlight, as he did on Sunday, throwing four touchdowns and running for more in Won by Ravens 37-26 from New England Patriots. He electrified the crowd with his running ability (107 yards for 11 catches) and missed enough passes for a tight range to finish with a quarterback rating of 110.3 and 218 yards.

But when The Ravens enter the off-season they watched from home last year, they b*mbard. It has become the usual ending. Since Jackson was at Baltimore, The Ravens have only been in the 1-3 playoffs and have made it through to the division round once.

Jackson may be well on his way to the next NFL Most Valuable Player award he won in 2019, but at times it feels like this movie will have a similar result.

The Ravens have only played three games and still a lot of things can happen. But what they no longer have is a decent defense. In each of the first three games, they indulged in nearly 400 yards. And we all remember the fourth quarter crash in the 42-38 defeat to Miami at the opening house in week two.

“We’re not there yet, but we’re on the right track and I feel like we’re working hard to improve, but for this particular game, I think the idea was for the guys to progress and play.” said Ravens coach John Harbaugh, whose team forced multiple losses in the fourth quarter on Sunday to save what appeared to be another potential disaster.

Jackson can make you forget that bad defense. Some of his Sunday runs have been amazing and sometimes he puts the one-on-one defenders to shame in the open field. Perhaps the most surprising aspect of his game is his strength; att*ckers have a hard time defeating it, even when wrapped in it.

But he’s the only really great player on the list. Nobody else opposes the coaches at night.

It makes me worried.

It is a franchise known for its great defense and Hall of Famers such as center-back Ray Lewis, security Ed Reed, and defender Rod Woodson. Outside defender Terrell Suggs is also knocking on a door in Canton, Ohio.

There is no one close to this position in this defense in 2022. There are no tough game-changing players to take over the game. The Raven Defenders still have range issues, and the Defender Corps is just as lame as they can’t get off the blocks or put constant pressure on the playmaker.

On Sunday, the Patriots quarterback Mac Jones made 22 of 32 passes for 321 yards, despite finishing 62.1.

It doesn’t make you feel warm and indistinct because of this defense.

However, good signs appeared on Sunday. The att*cked offensive line synchronized in the second half and the group should improve once, and if the Pro Bowl leaves a left grip Ronnie Stanley will decide to come back from an ankle injury.

Four-year-old Justice Hill player began arriving as a runner and starter JK Dobbins returned to the field after recovering from a pre-season knee injury that forced him to miss the 2021 season.

I like the speed of the Devin Duvernay receiver and the occasional big play of another Rashod Bateman receiver. And of course there is a Mark Andrews tight end.

Jackson can carry this team with his feet, but not necessarily with his hand. You’ve seen a bit this Sunday with a sloppy second quarter and poor mechanics as his applications started to wane or flew over his sons’ heads.

But the Ravens seemed confident after Sunday. Gillette Stadium is a tough place to win, especially with all the traditions here and the six Super Bowl trophies.

But The Ravens have a lot to overcome – more than usual. We’ve seen it before. I once watched Ray Lewis walk off the pitch after being disappointed in the play-offs after being disappointed in the play-offs, as The Ravens could never find the best playmaker.

Maybe they can change the ending in 2022.

“Just focus, determination,” Jackson said. “I feel we build more on adversity and play better on adversity. We just have to move on because we have a long season ahead of us.

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