Miles Stanton’s mother Laura took to Facebook this week to announce that her son was dead and his body was found.

Miles Stanton, 21, was reported missing in Marion County, Oregon, in October.

The Marion County Sheriff’s Office listed in an email on Monday that the body was found, but the investigation is still ongoing.

Authorities have not officially announced that the body belongs to Miles Stanton.

Miles Stanton’s mother, Laura Stanton, told KOIN 6 News that she immediately boarded a plane to Portland when she learned that her son was missing.

“Writing news for publication seems so irrelevant now because my heart is broken and vain, but I know so many who love Miles and our family, and even complete strangers who are kind and concerned, constantly praying and working hard to find him “. Laura Stanton posted on Facebook on Monday.

“Our family and several volunteers found Miles today. His spirit is no longer with us.

“We are broken. I can’t imagine my life without him in it. I know many will have questions and so will we, but at the moment it is still an active police investigation and I have no answers. I would like to do.

“We are now working with the Marion County Sheriff’s Department and are grateful for their communication and compassion at this time.”

Before posting on Facebook, she also spoke to other local news outlets and expressed her distress over the situation.

“He never told anyone where he was going. Something is wrong, we really feel something is wrong.

“You can feel so much anguish and despair,” Laura Stanton told NBC 10 News.

“Many people say that missing a child is a parent’s worst nightmare, mom’s worst nightmare, and much worse.

Miles Stanton completed his shift as a FedEx driver in the early afternoon, reported on October 20.

Hours later, he was spotted on a video at a gas station in Aurora, Oregon.

Commenting on this, his mother said, “Pretty routine, go to the bathroom, buy some snacks, fill up.

She added that the recent credit card charge and cell phone stopped pinging within half an hour after that.

“Very close. Everything just stops around 3:30 pm to 4:00 pm. There really is no trace of it.

Newsweek contacted the Marion County Sheriff’s Office for comment.

Stock image of a police banner. Miles Stanton’s mother Laura took to Facebook this week to announce that her son had died and his body was found.

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