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Miley Cyrus’ Janice Joplin Corps Charlie Crockett’s Watt Burger Order.

Miley brought the house down with Janice Joplin’s “Maybe”

Covering up Janice Joplin in her home state could be a dangerous move, but if anyone had the courage (and skill) to remove her, it was Miley Cyrus. In an exciting set that spans Disney’s days to their most recent album, Plastic heartCyrus struck the crowd with a few blows, and no one was more frightened. Joplin’s incredible “maybe” offer Cyrus is not ashamed to share her feelings about the major events of her life in the last few years, including the destruction of her Malibu home in a wildfire, her divorce from actor Liam Hemsworth in 2020, and the epidemic. Taking a moment to reflect on these changes, he said to the crowd, “People often classify him as brave, irrational and such a person.” Is that which “gives nothing”. She agreed that it could be all this, but also admitted that she was sometimes sad, upset, cared too much, and was impressed by the image created for her by fans and the media. Looks like

“This next song represents freedom for me – it represents evolution and authenticity and brazenness,” she told the crowd, explaining that she sees Joplin as an artist who boxed. I also felt the pain of being. “It’s a song I do for myself.” More than the trademark boldness of his voice, Joplin was known for the power and emotion he conveyed through blues-inspired music. Cyrus transmitted the same intensity on stage. He felt every word. He brought the house down, and Joplin did justice. – Kate Cardinas

Brett Goldstein draws hundreds. Ted Lasso. Super fans

On the second weekend of the ACL, hundreds of people took to the small stage, marching from the festival’s headliners Doja Kate and the little mouse to everyone’s favorite TV group: Roy Kent (Brett Goldstein). )۔ Record live events of this podcast, Unlock us., Stimulus speaker and The best-selling author is Brian Brown. Joined Ted Lasso. The actor and writer plays the role of a British soccer player with a golden heart to discuss the success of the Hotel Apple TV show and Goldstein’s breakout. Austin musicians Carrie Rodriguez and Gina Chavez stepped onto the stage with great excitement from the crowd after their warmth with the show’s slogan: “He’s here, he’s there, he’s everywhere. Roy Kent! Roy!” Kent! ”

“Is that weird for you?” Brown asked Goldstein, pointing to the audience. “Of course it’s weird! Look at this madness,” he laughed. The star kept his chats from spoiling (according to some shouting requests from the crowd), but revealed that despite some critical reviews of the second season, he is proud that the show lives up to the writers’ vision. “I think there are things that people don’t want. [this season]”But you have to trust that the first time we do something you like, stay with us,” he said, adding that co-creator Jason Sodecas has already decided how. Ted Lasso. Will end. Goldstein explored the show’s creative process and shared that Brown (who made a splash in season two) is a frequent topic of conversation among showgoers, especially when it comes to character weaknesses and psychology. Are talking Of the show. “It simply came to our notice then. Ted Lasso. Yes, taking someone you don’t like and hopefully, everyone has reasons why they are and we try to forgive them. – Kate Cardinas

Steal backup shows. . .

Phoebe Burgers’ ACL set was a testament to her strong storytelling skills and her angry, charismatic charisma. Her first weekend performance ended with “I Know the End” which usually means screaming and play the guitar That (some men) hate critics very much. It was hard to leave the show without feeling a little happy, especially since trumpet player JJ Kirk Patrick set up the clinic. Her growing solos made the set the most distinctive (“I think it’s the only time in my career when I’ll open for Doja,” Bergers joked), and her brass bravery disappointed her. What a wonderful accomplishment for a woman. During his two weekend performances to run overtime, Burgers and Kirk Patrick continued to move, even after their voices had casually dropped “I Know the End”. Elsewhere in Zelkar, backup players continue to get their fair share of spotlight. Over the weekend, the Austin band Sir Woman took the stage with a sexist, a drummer and two backup singers, each bringing energy from the church to the church’s so-called “gospel tent.” ۔ And of course, any talk about band-baking would not be complete without mentioning Megan Thi Stalin. Of course, Miley attacked the stage for the crowd-pleasing Torque Fest, but it was Mag’s backup dancers who repeatedly burned the stage. May Hot Girl Summer never end. – Tyler Hooks

. . . And so do T-shirts.

We have already established that ACL 2021 was a hotbed. Some bold, admirable fashion choices.. But even people who didn’t wear leather shoes and latex found a way to make compelling (and often ridiculous) statements. While a 37-year-old. Mom and mushroom lover While teaching me the virtues of the machine gun Kelly, a gentleman nearby cooled himself with a hand-held fan that read only “SLUT”. Not too far away, a twentieth-century boy’s T-shirt asked the question that probably every fifty men have in mind: “What’s a bedroom pop?” My personal favorite was the shirt of a young woman who proudly declared, “This body belongs to Mr. 305,” is a clear reference to the rapper Puttle. And just in case someone forgot about the coveted (which most people did, given the lack of masks), there were at least one or two shirts to remind us. One, worn by a young woman in her twenties, read, “Coved? She doesn’t go that far.” The other was a sleeveless tank top that her model paired with a George Street-style cowboy hat. Was, and he described the festive atmosphere better than any fashionista: “Sorry,” read the shirt, “I can’t hear you on the voice of my freedom.” – Tyler Hooks

Megan Thi Stalin auditioned for the Torque team.

Houston’s Megan Thi Stalin deserves everyone’s attention at this point. But between his two sets, he turned the spotlight on to the hard-line spectators in the front row, inviting some to come on stage. “I want my girl with a crown of flowers,” Maggie, dressed in black, ordered from the stage for the second weekend. One girl was dressed in pizza.

When Megan called her DJ back, “Leave her alone,” the lucky fans began to work. What I saw after that was the most exciting. It seemed so. Walking with the stars., Or So you think you can throw it back..

“Once the music was playing, I just started throwing asses,” said Khira Estrada, 21, who captured the moment and split up as Gucci Mane’s “Big Booty” in the background.

Megan is not the first to do so at ACL, but this level of fan participation is rare with her major artist. Her patience was admirable, taking selfies with fans and shouting at the mic. The audience could not stop talking about it later. “Wow, that’s for the fans,” I heard the woman next to me say. – Ben Moscow.

Remy Wolf leaves an impression. . .

Each collection plays a key role in creating a successful music festival – no matter how hard you try to read the lineup. Remy Wolf, a 25-year-old newcomer, was the first in many powerhouses to steal my heart over the weekend. Her feet never stopped moving, whether she was jumping up and down or twisting her body to hit the perfect pitch. Wolf hit each song and worked on stage as he ensured interaction with the audience from all sides. And as if I couldn’t get too obsessed, the young singer wore a big, sharp, multi-colored hat as her festive figure, a perfect match for her eccentric personality. – Lorraine Castro

The wonderful joy of attending a music festival is discovering music, otherwise you might never meet. This ACL Fest, I discovered Ho, a heavy metal band from Mongolia, which can be considered Texas of Asia: huge, wide. An area controlled by different empires at different times, including the largest land empire in human history, the Mongol Empire of Genghis Khan; And a proud people from their own kind of shepherd culture – horse riders who are settled. Hunt foxes using the golden eagle.. Ho Mongolian uses standard heavy metal instruments with wire instruments and electric versions of traditional throat songs, the depth of which is low Om– Sounds like an almost ent effect. All of Ho’s music is sung in Mongolian, and the band members go out in Mongolian warrior costumes. I’m not a metal head, but after just a few songs, I was banging my head with some long haired boys and girls and shouting “HU!” Was chanting. This was not the first time that Austin was lost in each song. He played a sold-out show in Emo in 2019. – Josh Alvarez

. . . And so does Charlie Crockett. Wat burger order..

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