Minister Mims Davis Reveals He Was Naked Twice

Government minister Mims Davis has revealed that she has had a drink on two occasions after vowing to tackle the problem.

In a statement, the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Employment said he had tampered with the drink in 2015 and again in 2019.

This follows reports in recent months of women having night outs through needle injections.

Ms Davis urged women who have been bullied to report “immediately” to bar staff.

She said: “I know I felt embarrassed when it happened because feeling so unwell was so sudden, but I would tell women, please don’t be. If this happens, report it immediately to a bar or to a security staff.” Give, make sure the police is alert, try and collect some evidence if you can.

“My biggest regret now is thinking back that he’s putting away whatever was in my drink on the floor. We tried to find it later but we couldn’t.

“I know it can be hard to think straight through the shock and panic, especially if you suddenly don’t feel well, but it would really help the police if you could try and find anything.”

Describing the events, she said: “There[was]at a now closed bar in Sussex around 2015. I was out with my then-partner when I suddenly felt very ill and had to go home where I died.

“The next morning, I had no memory of a normal evening with my partner and realized something must have happened but was unsure what.”

She said the second incident occurred when she found an item in her drink at a bar in Haywards Heath.

“I think it was a very fortunate part, partly because of my awareness of the past horrific experience,” she said.

“This time, I was out with friends and after moving from a dark part of the bar to a lighter part, I took a sip of my drink which was really weird.

“Then I took something black and tablet-shaped from the bottom of the glass and threw it on the floor, took another sip, thought better about it, and then had a new drink.”

Ms Davis said she has written to Home Secretary Priti Patel asking what more can be done to prevent women from going out at night.

He said he is determined to work with the government and the nightlife industry to tackle the problem of drink spiking.

“We need to deal with the culprits who think this is an acceptable thing for women and stop this unacceptable practice happening in our communities,” she said.

In the period from September to November 5 this year, 274 cases of needle bites have been reported.

Meanwhile, drink spiking has long been a problem, with 2,600 recorded cases of drink spiking in the UK between 2015 and 2019.

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