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Missing 8-year-old Julia Slagers has been missing in the frozen forest for two days

An 8-year-old German girl who disappeared in the thin forest in thin air. Czech Republic What was found alive on Sunday? Rescuers Saying miracles

A family spokesman who spoke to the Daily Beast about the news said the discovery was “what we were hoping for but not what we were expecting.” The little girl’s family is now going to the hospital to accompany her.

A search party of more than 800 people, including elite forest crew, 40 sniffer dogs, and drones searched the jungle area where Julia Sledgers went missing Sunday with her 6-year-old brother and 9-year-old male cousin. The other children made their way to safety, but what they told authorities forced police to release a sketch of the “interested person” and asked anyone who was in the woods that day Submit photos of people they’ve encountered.

Police say the sledgers were responsible when they were found in a large part of Bohemian Forest National Park in Samoa, suffering from severe hypothermia.

The heavily wooded forest, known for its rugged terrain, is home to wild animals, including wolves, and since its disappearance, has been frozen at night, raising questions about whether it Survived alone or someone helped protect and feed her.

The forest is so dangerous that the police warned the locals not to look for the girl alone or they might get lost.

“We urge you not to dare to climb the mountain, but to stay here on the streets and in the surrounding communities to keep your eyes open, so as not to endanger yourself here,” said a spokesman for the Upper Paletine Police. Monday. “We don’t want other people to be rescued from the mountain or found.”

Police say he was sent to a deep part of the forest by forest workers. Local police announced in a tweet, “Big news – little girl has been traced, she will now be handed over to paramedics.”

The mysterious disappearance was compared to the 2005 Madeleine McCain case, a 5-year-old British girl who went missing from a holiday resort in Portugal and was never found. Then, witnesses also saw people who were later considered suspects in the unresolved case.

A rescue worker said: “Relief is overwhelming at the emergency services on site. BR Magazine “When the good news came, the rescuers were in each other’s arms, there was joy and applause.”

As the days passed, many people gave up hope that the little girl would survive.

“He is alive, he has hypothermia and he has been taken to hospital,” a spokesman for the Upper Paletine Police told reporters as they surrounded the search headquarters.

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