Mom finds giant ‘man’ footprints in snow going to child’s bedroom window

A mother has shared a “terrifying” discovery she made in the snow after seeing giant footprints running up the window of her child’s bedroom.

Jisika, who lives in Idaho, shared a clip on her TikTok page as she found herself chilling while taking out the trash one night.

She told the camera: “So that’s why I hate winter. That’s why I’m taking the garbage out on the road, and these footprints are moving through the snow, which are huge.”

She places her foot next to the footprint, which makes it dwarf in comparison.

“I mean it’s my feet, so these are the big a** man’s feet leading to my baby window. Do you see them? Then they’re walking back, and they’re across the street go. Well who knows they go across the street, but they go this way. Look at this f****** leg. Whose leg is this?” He asked.

The clip, which was shared in December 2021, has garnered over 4 million views and can be viewed Here, Jisika added the caption “Bought security cameras today,” as people gave advice on what to do.

In the comments, the mom shared more details about the horrific episode as she clarified that the room has curtains, even though there are no blackouts, and a motion sensor floodlight about four feet from the bedroom.

And he confirmed that he called the police and filed a police report, saying: “They said they would keep a close eye on my house.”

Jisika admitted: “Honestly I’d never know. But I’m glad there was someone out there telling me something was wrong. I hate snow but it saved us.”

In a separate comment she said: “It really made me nauseous immediately. I think we’re ready for it.” [if] This person returns.”

Some advised to move the children upstairs, revealing that she lives in a one-storey house.

“I wish it was a two-story house,” she said, while in another comment she added: “I live an alley away from the country and about six miles from the mountains. I care more about mountain lions than people. But not anymore.”

As stated in the caption, she reiterated that the day she got the prints, she installed cameras, and planned to put up a fence in the front yard.

While he claimed that he thought the mystery man had been found in a car, according to the prints, he dismissed suggestions that it could have been a mailman.

She said: “Where we live our postman drives a vehicle. And the mailbox is on the opposite side of the property… I went around and looked in everyone’s yards and couldn’t find the same track.”

Commenting on the discovery, Leigh Ann Dahl explained: “Snow can save your baby!!!”

Agreeing, Morgan DelValle wrote: “You are lucky the snow was there to alert you to the danger.”

Bekah Day said: “Oh this is so scary mama! Please be safe!!”

Shannon B. thought: “I’m so glad you got an early warning! I won’t let my baby sleep there until safety measures are in place.”

Charlotte Demers Lan said: “What the hell, this is so scary, I’m so sorry.”

While RJ.talks advised: “Change rooms with that kid as soon as possible.”

Although Stephanie Kellan 183 suggested: “There are also claw marks, one could have caught their wayward dog.”

In response to Sakari who said: “I hope the windows were closed,” Jasika replied: “Yes, terrible right.”

After the clip went viral, the one who shared a to check Explaining why she was looking outside in the snow, as she confirmed that a mountain lion had been sighted in her area.

A KMVT news report from November 2021, shared by Jisika, warned residents of “increased mountain lion activity” in the local area.

It added: “Other residents reported seeing mountain lions in and around residential homes and neighborhoods.”

newsweek Contacted Jessica for comment.

File photo of an icy footprint. A mother is shocked to find huge footprints on the window of her child’s bedroom.
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