Monique Scott sworn in as new 24th Ward Elderwoman in Chicago

Chicago (CBS) — Monique Scott was sworn in as the new Elderwoman in the 24th Ward on the West Side on Wednesday after the city council unanimously approved her appointment to replace her brother, Michael Scott Jr., who took that seat earlier this month. had resigned from

Mayor Lori Lightfoot appointed Monique Scott to the vacant Ward 24 seat on Monday, choosing her from three finalists after a pool of 19 people applied for the job.

Scott will now serve as the 24th Ward’s Elderwoman until the next municipal election in 2023, although she clarified that she intends to run for a full term next year as she thanked the rest of the city council for their support on Wednesday .

“You are all my role models, and I will continue to look to you for advice or counseling during these next challenging months, I am sure, and in the next four years, hopefully. Told my fellow elderperson.

Scott said his top priority is to improve public safety, spur economic growth and usher in the next generation of leaders in the North Lawndale area.

Monique Scott was sworn in as the new Elderwoman of the 24th Ward in Chicago on June 22, 2023, replacing her brother, who resigned from the seat earlier in the month.

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On Tuesday, Lightfoot dismissed criticism of Scott’s appointment as an example of political nepotism, saying Scott “really reached the top” of the list of candidates on his own merits.

“It is not the fact that she is the sister of the alderman. It is that she was born and raised in the ward, fully aware of the issues important to that ward, and is committed to making sure that we Carry on,” said Lightfoot. “It’s easy, frankly, lazy to say, ‘Oh, that’s just the alderman’s sister.’ Look who she is, see what she’s capable of doing with her life, look how committed she is to the residents of 24th Ward and North Lawndale, and then assess yourself. That’s what I did.”

Lightfoot said she knew the appointment would lead some to criticize the move as political nepotism, but added that she wanted to ensure that the former alderman’s successor improved Ward’s economic development. will be able to maintain the progress made for

“I listened and I knew for sure, that the narrative would be, ‘Oh, it’s same old same old, it’s hiring an insider, blah blah blah.’ What was important to me in thinking about 24th Ward – and especially given the level of progress that has been made in the last few years, and I would say in the last three years that I have been mayor – all the economic development activity happened in that ward. It’s really important to me to make sure the momentum continues,” Lightfoot said.

In the city council meeting on Wednesday, A.D. David Moore (17th) defended Scott’s appointment, saying it would not be fair to prevent her from taking over as the new alderwoman of the 24th Ward because her brother was a previous alderman.

“Your resume undoubtedly speaks for itself,” Moore said. “And so, you stand on your own two feet. And I just wanted to make sure we expressed that because we always talk about succession planning and succession planning starts at home.”

Scott’s brother resigned as 24th Ward Alderman earlier this month to take a job as director of industry and community relations at Chicago film studio Cinespace.

After 19 people applied to take her place, a four-member selection committee recommended a list of finalists for the seat before choosing Lightfoot’s sister. According to published reports, the other finalists included Eld’s Chief of Staff Trina Mangrum. Jason Ervin (28th), and former Chicago Bulls player Wallace “Mickey” Johnson.

Monique Scott is Lightfoot’s second appointment to the city council. Earlier this year, the mayor selected Nicole Lee as the city’s first Chinese American elderperson, to replace the convicted former eld. Patrick Daly Thompson in the 11th Ward.

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