Two bull moose fought for this in a man’s driveway in Colorado as seen in the video, which is now viral.

First shared by Todd Lodwick on his Instagram account!, the video – which was filmed by Lodwick’s daughter Charley Lodwick – was later posted to other social media accounts. Actor Michael Rapaport uploaded the video to his own TikTok account where he amassed almost 30 million views.

Two moose got involved in a heated argument that involved hitting cars in the driveway. One moose even reached half of the truck in the driveway.

Above is a photo of a fight between two bull moose. The viral video showed the intense fight of two moose in a man’s driveway.
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Joseph Livingston, state public information officer for Colorado Parks and Wildlife, said: Newsweek these moose go through a rutting season from September to the end of October.

“They’re becoming more aggressive at this point,” Livingston said. “They get into fights when they see another moose in their territory or near another female moose.”

These fights are usually about domination, but there are times when the quarrels intensify and you can fight to the d*ath.

Many times, Livingston said, the smaller moose will get injured or will simply retreat, but the larger moose can spend a lot of time during the rutting season getting into these fights.

Generally only bull elk are involved in these fights, although female moose become aggressive in the spring after giving birth to their babies.

If anyone came across a moose, Livingston said he should be careful and give it some space.

“Try to put a vehicle or tree between the two of you,” he said.

The video showed an intense argument between two elk starting on the grassy lawn of Lodwick’s yard. They both collided with horns, turning to head towards the vehicles parked in the driveway.

They continued fighting until one moose jumped onto the bed of Lodwick’s truck before the movie ended.

Viewers went to the comment section to share their thoughts.

“Another GMC ad? “Hard moose built,” wrote an Instagram user.

“This is a BIG, the best parking lot fight I’ve ever seen,” wrote another viewer.

“I hope the vehicles didn’t take too much beating,” commented one viewer.

Newsweek contacted Todd Lodwick for further comments.

Other videos featuring the moose were popular before, including a clip showing how a man found a moose snooping in his garage.

One film showed a moose that a wanderer dog had successfully chased, while another showed a female moose att*cked by a moose.

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