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More disturbing comments came from the Riders coach.

By Ken Belson and Catherine Roseman | New York Times

When angry NFL coach John Groden encountered a racist email he sent in 2011 insulting the head of the players’ union, he said he had gone too far. Not the “blade of racism”.

But league officials, as part of an investigation into the mismanagement of a separate workplace that was not directly involved, found that Groden, who is now the coach of the Las Vegas Riders, accidentally over the years But and often misunderstood and released homophobic language to discredit the people around the game. Make fun of some important changes in the league.

He condemned the emergence of women as referees, the drafting of a gay player and the tolerance of protesting players while playing the national anthem, according to revised emails from the New York Times.

Groden’s messages were sent to former Washington football team president Bruce Allen and others while he was working for ESPN as a color analyst during “Monday Night Football”, Sports Network Weekly primetime telecast of NFL games. In the emails, Groden called League Commissioner Roger Goodell “f **** t” and “clueless anti football p *** y” and said Goodell should not have put pressure on Jeff Fisher, then his coach. Reims, drafting the “queries,” cites Michael Sam, a gay player the team selected in 2014.

In numerous emails over the seven-year period ending in early 2018, Groden criticized Goodell and the league for trying to reduce criticism, saying that Eric Reid, a player who performed while playing the national anthem Was, should be fired. In many instances, Groden has used homosexuality to refer to some NFL owners, coaches and journalists in goodil and offensive language.

Groden, Allen, the NFL, and the Raiders did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Although not with any team at the time, Groden was still influential in the league and was very inclined as a coach. He won a Super Bowl with the Tampa Bay Buckeyes after the 2002 season. And in 2018, he was promoted to his second position as head coach of the Riders franchise, including defensive lineman Carl Naseeb, the first active NFL player to publicly announce that he is gay. Is a worshiper.

The league said last week that it had shared emails with readers in which Groden made derogatory remarks.

Groden told ESPN on Sunday that the league was reviewing emails in which he criticized Goodell, explaining that he was upset at the team owners ‘players’ lockouts in 2011, when some Emails were written. Groden said in the interview that he used an explanation to refer to Goodell and that he did so because he disliked the emphasis on protecting Goodell, which he thought was important. That is scaring parents into keeping their sons away from football.

But Groden’s attitude was not limited to 2011. Groden exchanged emails with Allen and other men, which included only pictures of women in bikinis, including a picture of two Washington chairpersons.

During his re-election campaign in 2012, Groden criticized both President Obama and then-Vice President Joe Biden, whom Groden called a “nervous cat.” He used similar terms to describe Goodell and De Morris Smith, executive directors of the NFL Players’ Association.

The league is already investigating Groden, who wrote a letter to Allen in 2011 in which he used racist language to describe Smith, who is black.

In the email, Groden, a white man who was working for ESPN at the time, criticized Smith’s intelligence and used racist troupes to describe his face. The correspondence was first reported by the Wall Street Journal and confirmed by the New York Times.

League, Smith, and Raiders owner Mark Davis all condemned Groden’s comments, but the coach has not yet been punished and coached his team in their game against the Chicago Bears on Sunday. Groden said on Friday that he did not remember sending emails and that his language had “gone too far”, adding that “I have never had a racist blade in me.”

Allen’s review of Groden’s emails, which were fired by the Washington football team in late 2019, was reviewed as part of an NFL investigation into workplace mismanagement within the franchise, which ended this summer. ۔ Goodell instructed league executives to look at more than 650,000 emails over the past few months, including those in which Groden made offensive remarks. Last week, Goodell received a summary of his findings and the league sent the Raiders some emails written by Groden.

In exchange, Groden used his personal e-mail account while Allen wrote from his team’s account. In some cases, Allen started the conversation and Groden voiced, while in other cases, he made a number of nonsensical comments.

Some of the emails between Groden and Allen included business friend Ed Droste, co-founder of Hotters. Jim McWay, an executive who runs the Outback Bowl, is held annually in Tampa, Fla. And Nick Reader, founder of PDQ Restaurant, a Tampa-based fried chicken franchise. The exchanges began in early 2010 when Groden was an analyst at “Monday Night Football.” In 2018, he signed a 10-year, 100 100 million contract to coach the Raiders.

Droust, McWay, and Reader did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Groden and Alan are longtime friends and colleagues. Allen was a senior executive with the Raiders from 1995 to 2003, when he worked with Groden, who was the team’s head coach from 1998 to 2001. Groden became head coach of the Tampa Bay Buckeyes in 2002 and defeated the Raiders in the Super Bowl. That season, Allen became general manager in 2004. Both Alan and Groden left the Buckeyes after the 2008 season. When Groden joined ESPN in a broadcast role, Allen became general manager in Washington in 2010 and later president of the team.

Together, the emails provide a vague glimpse into the clubby culture of an NFL circle of peers, where white decision-makers share pornographic images, ridicule the league’s policies, and make fun of the Homoeophobic language. Feeling comfortable flying.

Allen, the son of legendary NFL coach George Allen, and Groden – whose father coached Notre Dame and whose brother Jay was head coach in Washington from 2014 to 2019 – are part of a special network. Which cycles between NFL teams, league-affiliated networks and companies.

The league’s public condemnation of racism and homosexuality, and criticism of black players for not listening, is ridiculed for adding too much to its promises, which make up about 70 percent of the roster. The NFL has in the past struggled to discipline officials who have committed domestic violence and condemned them for failing to properly address harassment of women, including NFL chair leaders. Is.

In June, the NFL congratulated Naseeb when he publicly declared himself gay after becoming the first active NFL player. Goodell said he was proud of Carl for sharing his truth with courage today. Representation is important. ”

Privately, Alan and Groden have some limitations in the expression of homophobic and transphobic language. In a 2015 email involving Droste, McWay and others, Groden secretly asked Allen to tell Brian Glazer, whose family owns the Tampa Bay Buckiners, where Groden coached until 2008. He had oral sex with her. “Glazer will take you on this offer,” Allen said.

Alan and Groden also made fun of Caitlin Jenner, who received the award from ESPN in 2015 after she transferred.

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