Most of the highly competitive congress races in New York City stayed too close to announce late Tuesday as control of the House of Representatives hung in the balance.

In Tuesday’s mid-term election, Republicans ran for at least five Democratic House seats across the state, from the North Shore suburbs on Long Island to the upstate counties of Catskills. In three other competing competitions, the House of Democrats try to overthrow the Republican rulers.

Only one of the closely watched races in New York was launched shortly after the polls closed at 9 p.m.: incumbent Republican Republican Nicole Malliotakis deftly defeated Democratic challenger Max Rose on her Staten Island and southern Brooklyn.

The Associated Press announced a race for Malliotakis as she had a 61% -38% advantage over Rose and nearly all the ballots were counted.

It was not immediately clear what the results would be in the other two races in which the Democrats competed for the Republican seat. It was also too early to say late in the evening what the outcome of the five races of Republican contenders looking to reverse democratic neighborhoods would be.

Congressional New York terms are particularly important at the national level this year, as the Republican Party only needs to expand its ranks in the House by five members to wrest control of the House of Democrats, who are now in the majority.

One of New York’s most watched races takes place in the 17th Congressional District, where incumbent Democrat Sean Patrick Maloney will face Republican Mike Lawler.

Maloney, the head of his party’s political campaign arm in the House, had a razor-thin lead over Lawler as votes began pouring in from the Hudson Valley, but it was too early to say if that lead would last.

The hugely mature GOP pick up opportunity in New York was made possible by a stunning redrawing of the state’s congressional map this spring that moved GOP-friendly constituencies to a few previously secure democratic districts.

Map shaking turned New York City into a political battleground – an unusual sign for a state usually seen as one of the most liberal in the country.

President Biden’s low ratings and concerns over inflation and crime have fueled enthusiasm among New York City GOP voters.

With this in mind, in addition to conservative groups and wealthy donors, they have committed thousands of dollars to supporting Republican candidates in New York’s rival neighborhoods.

National minority leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), Who would be in line to become president of the House of Representatives if his party wins Tuesday’s elections, even flew to Orange County last month to organize a campaign fundraiser for Colin Schmitt. member of the Assembly in District 18 against the current Democratic Democrat Pat Ryan.

Former President Donald Trump, who remains the most influential leader of the Republican Party, despite retiring from office after his supporters’ fatal att*ck on the Capitol last year, also flexed his political muscles in races in the New York House.

During a teleconference with New York Republicans last week, Trump bumped into Malliotakis, hailing her as a tough conservative who would defend “Judeo-Christian principles” – a comment that sparked outrage from local Democrats.

Trump himself made it clear this week that he will likely host another White House candidacy in 2024, especially if his party fares well in Tuesday’s semesters.


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