Mother praised for demanding son, tell his pregnant wife that he cheated on her

A concerned mother-in-law has been praised for disobeying her husband’s wishes and demanding her son tell his heavily pregnant wife that he was unfaithful.

Writing on the Reddit Forum “Am I a**hole?” Concerned parents describe how she has been accused of “trying to ruin” her own son’s life by telling her partner that he had cheated – warning her if she fails. If so, she will.

According to the Post, all the problems started on New Year’s Eve when her 26-year-old son Paul went out with his parents at home with friends leaving his wife Julia, who is eight months pregnant.

The mom makes no bones about her admiration for Julia, who she describes as a “saint” and “on level” presence in her son’s life. So, she was quite upset after learning from one of Paul’s friends that she didn’t spend New Year’s Eve with them but instead “spent the night” with her ex.

“I was shocked,” wrote the mother. “I felt anger and despair washing over me and I couldn’t stand still knowing that Paul had lied and most likely had looked Julia in the face.”

When the mother tried to confront her son about what he had done, he initially “denied” before admitting that he “became an alcoholic” and that it “just happened.”

He told her that he needed to “be honest with his wife” about the incident but his son “absolutely refused” to do so. Mom said she had “no choice but to give him three days to tell him on New Year’s Eve” or that she would.

At the time her son “began to cry” and accused her of “trying to ruin his life” because he was almost certain that Julia “would never understand” and that “an innocent child” was involved. His mother, however, was adamant, telling him that he was “wrongly wrong” to think that he would “believe or cover up” what he did.

Though the son “begged” her to change her mind and her own husband, Paul’s father, also told her to “stay out of it,” she refused to earn the praise of many on Reddit in the process.

Bearamongus19 admitted it was “a bad situation,” but eventually her son “made his bed and now he has to lie in it.” The mother agreed, noting that her son “tried to downplay the seriousness of the situation as if it was a minor issue and that Julia didn’t really need to know her condition to be a mother.” She added: “She claimed Julia wouldn’t be ready to listen to him and blamed her hormones for it.”

Sndac25 wrote that any consequences for her son from the incident would be “consequences of his own actions”. The mother replied that “Julia is like a daughter to him” and someone who is “more loved and respected than most of the original family members.”

Minorities, however, were critical of his actions. WeOwnThis2017 called her “interfering,” but, once again, the mom gave a response denying those claims. “My relationship with my daughter-in-law is strong enough to go out of my way and make sure she isn’t treated poorly or given less than she is,” she replied.

The majority, however, wholeheartedly supported his view. “If I were in his shoes [Julia’s] I want to know, no matter who it came from,” said GeorgieDoggy. When are the kids” is wrong and not trying to cover for them.”

Others, such as CalmFront7908, also hit out at her husband’s reaction to her son’s infidelity. “Your husband needs to get out of the ‘Old Boys Club’ mentality immediately,” he remarked. “I’ll ask myself a few questions about that.”

newsweek The original poster has been contacted for comment.

Noel Biderman, founder of the extramarital dating website Ashley Madison, believes it is more common for people to cheat on pregnant partners. he explained Vice President That for many couples, it is a condition in which their “sex life drops to zero at 100 mph.”

“Like that, literally, becomes a period of abstinence,” he said. “Women feel less attractive so there is an emotional side to not being sexually active for some, not all.”

Biederman said it continues into the early stages of a newborn’s life. “There’s a healing period of time, and then there’s a demanding period of time,” he said. “Having a newborn is hard. It doesn’t lead to a lot of intimacy.”

The post comes just weeks after a Bumble dating profile of a wife asking her husband to “pack his bags” went viral online.

Earlier, a video of a woman giving gifts to her boyfriend with the names of all the girls whom he had cheated on also created huge numbers and a lot of buzz on TikTok.

Stock image of an older woman and a younger man. A mother has earned praise online for refusing to cover for her son after his heavily pregnant wife cheated on him.
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