Mother says Philadelphia School District’s inaction led to daughter’s assault at Martin Luther King High School – Greeley Tribune

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A Philadelphia mother says her daughter was assaulted at her East Germantown high school because of the Philadelphia School District’s inaction.

The mother says that she has been asking her daughter to be transferred from school for months and her biggest fear has come true because of the district’s inaction.

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“This is just going too far. Please help me save my daughter,” Don Reeves said.

A mother praying for the safety of her daughter.

Reeves’ daughter Azirah is a ninth grade student at Martin Luther King High School in Northwest Philadelphia. She says her daughter’s schedule has been a struggle since the beginning of the school year, and then it all came to a head on Wednesday when it was a school holiday.

“I’m sitting there and I get a call from school,” Reeves said. “‘Ms. Reeves, is this Azirah’s mother? Ms. Reeves, your daughter has just jumped and needs medical help.’ The bell had just rang.”

Azirah’s injuries are visible in these pictures. He has injuries to his eye, including a black eye.

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We’ve blurted out a separate fight video belonging to the same group of girls that Reeves says jumped off his daughter. Reeves claims she first reported the bullying to school officials in October and that her requests for transfer were ignored.

“I did everything the school district told me to do,” Reeves said. “I spoke to the assistant superintendent. If no one else can help get my baby out of there, you all could.”

A spokesman for the district could not comment on this specific case and would be looking at the video and details provided to him, but it said the district has zero tolerance for bullying and harassment and that instigators will be subject to disciplinary action.

As Azirah heals from her physical wounds, Reeves says she wants her daughter to drop out of MLK High School.

“I’m talking to my kid every day and I’m telling him I’m sorry and I’m telling him the school district failed him, failed him,” Reeves said. “My kid doesn’t want to go to school and I don’t want him back in school.”

Reeves says she is considering hiring an attorney to prosecute her daughter to move.

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The district says there is a central office that looks into complaints of bullying and harassment, and anyone can enter the information on its website.