MPs lobbied the speaker for not changing the rules on children in the chamber

The Speaker of the Commons, Sir Lindsay Hoyle, said she has been “heavy lobbying” by female MPs not to change the rules for bringing children into the chamber.

The speaker has requested a review of whether the rules should be updated amid an uproar over Labor’s Stella Crissy, saying she can no longer take her three-month-old son with her.

I’ve been heavily lobbied for not changing the rules, by other momsSir Lindsay Hoyle

Sir Lindsay hinted at comments received on the issue earlier this week, when he told MPs that “there are different views on the matter”.

She gave further details in an interview with BBC Newscast, telling the programme: “I have been heavily lobbied for not changing the rules by other moms… I have texts on my phone that say don’t give up. As if.”

Sir Lindsay has asked the Cross-Party Procedure Committee to examine the rules and whether changes are needed, but said he and his representatives can use their discretion in implementing existing measures.

He told lawmakers on Wednesday that it is “extremely important” that parents can fully participate in parliamentary work.

Ms Cressey, a mother of two, welcomed the review after she was emailed by officials about rules barring children from being brought into debates after son Pip was brought into the Westminster Hall debate on Tuesday.

Sir Lindsay said he was unaware that the warning was being issued to Ms Cressey, but acknowledged that it “correctly reflects the current rules”.

“However, the rules have to be seen in context and they change over time,” he told lawmakers.

Walthamstow MP Ms Cressi said she hoped the move “means some of these rules will be reviewed to make it possible to mix parenting and politics”.


Labor MP Stella Cressey speaks with her newborn in the chambers of the House of Commons (House of Commons/PA)

Pip, who is breastfeeding, regularly visits the Commons, as did Ms. Cressey’s older daughter.

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