Munchkin deals on climate, taxes; Sen tries to push cinema

Sen. Joe Manchin spent Sunday talking up his recent deal on key climate and tax legislation, while hailing a fellow centrist whose support is crucial to getting the bill passed, a top priority for Democrats.

Last week, Munchkin agreed to a plan to fight climate change, raise corporate taxes and reduce drug costs — an abrupt reversal after West Virginia Democrats repeatedly disrupted key parts of President Biden’s agenda. .

Manchin insisted on Sunday that tax changes were not really moving and that the plan would fight the country’s record-high inflation – a concern he cited As recently as 15 July To oppose ambitious climate legislation.

“It’s all about fighting inflation,” Munchkin said of the deal on ABC’s “This Week.” “We are not spending money; We’re investing.” He notes that the deal carries a nearly $400 billion price tag—far below the $3.5 trillion offer he and San Kirsten Cinemas (D-Ariz.) struck down last year.

Manchin’s deal, which he announced Wednesday with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (DN.Y.), includes $369 billion for climate and energy initiatives. Manchin said the funding would bring down gas prices, which peaked earlier this year by more than $5 a gallon, but have since decreased.

“It’s about the absolutely terrible situation that people are in now because of the cost of inflation — whether it’s gasoline, whether it’s food prices, whether it’s energy pricing — and it’s around energy, mostly, that is driving high inflation,” Manchin told “Face the Nation” to CBS.

“It’s going to be … take care of that, because it’s aggressively producing more energy to get more supply to drive down prices.”

He also defended the plan’s tax changes, which aim to generate about $451 billion in revenue over the next decade.

“We didn’t raise taxes,” the senator said. “Corporate tax in the US was 35% in 2017 before the Republican tax cut. They lowered it to 21 percent. … All the people I know are paying 21% or more. A billion dollars or more Some of the largest corporations of high value don’t even want to pay the minimum 15%,” he continued. [about] Fairness in closing a loophole. ,

Cinema did not participate in Munchkin and Schumer’s talks. It appears he is ready to let Republicans revise the law, According to Axis.

Manchin said the law reflects the views of Sinima, whose votes are needed to pass any bill in an equally divided Senate.

“She’s always been adamant that we’re not going to raise taxes,” Manchin said. “And I wholeheartedly agree with him. I assessed very, very, very carefully that we would not raise any taxes.”

Speaking on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” he called Sinema “very important” in shaping the deal’s measures on the drugs. The law would require Medicare to negotiate prices on certain drugs, as well as take other steps to reduce costs.

Pat Tommy (R-Pa.) said Munchkin has been duped, a deal that has drawn hatred from Republicans.

“I like Joe Manchin a lot, he and I have become friends over the years we’ve served in the Senate together,” Tommy said on CNN’s “State of the Union.” “But it really makes me feel like Joe Manchin has been taken to the cleaners.”

Still, West Virginians refused to voice their support for Democrats in the upcoming elections.

When asked on “This Week” if he wants Biden to be reelected, he changed the subject.

Everyone is worried about the election. this is the problem. This is an election of 2022, an election of 2024,” Manchin said. “I’m not getting into it.”

He also won’t say whether he wants Democrats to retain control of Congress after the collapse.

“Whatever the voters choose… I’ve always taken the approach, whatever you send to me is your representative and I respect them,” he told “Meet the Press.” “I don’t do this kind of politics.”

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