THE WAY OF HARRIETTO: One day I went to a party with a colleague from work. Then he invited me to meet and go out to dinner. When the bill came, he asked me to pay it in full.

He said he was planning to go to dinner with another friend who didn’t show up. This friend was supposed to pay for the meal but did not come; that’s why he wanted me to pay for the meal. What’s the point of that? Besides, he never asked me to pay for my meal until the bill came.

I refused to pay for his share. I paid half and that’s it – but now he’s mad at me and casts a shadow at work. How am I supposed to deal with it?

I’m trying to overcome myself

DEAR TRENDS TRYING TO BREAK: Your friend from work is a cheat. You have to be careful with such people.

Good thing you didn’t fall for his plan to convince you that you would pay for his meal. It would be different if he was honest and asked you in advance to pay for dinner with him for whatever reason, but he didn’t.

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