THE WAY OF HARRIETTO: I work as a high end retailer. I am the highest earning salesperson of any other seller and a customer favorite.

I love my job, but a lot is expected of me. I watch my coworkers get away with things I could never get away with.

I rarely take time off, but when I do, my supervisors try to blame me for staying, saying the store can’t function properly without me. My coworkers take a lot more time than I do.

It’s like that the better I work, the less indulgence I get. What should I do?

High expectations

DEAR HIGH EXPECTATIONS: Step back and evaluate what is happening.

In this situation, you need to recognize your worth. Your company puts the lion’s share of responsibility on your shoulders. Give me some back. Put your foot on Earth. Explain that you will always give 100% when you are at work but need a break.

Plan your vacation – and take it. Make them miss you when you’re gone. Perhaps others will have to increase.

Stay firm in your resolve to take care of yourself so that you can continue to give fully at work while you are there.

THE WAY OF HARRIETTO: My 30-year-old older brother has a very poor guest etiquette.

He appeared in my house several times uninvited and, without asking, he was given the contents of my refrigerator. I had small parties and dinners where he would show up empty-handed and start eating and drinking more than anyone else.


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