You’ll find me at athleisure a good five days a week. So over the years I have tried many sports brands to find the best fit and style. Whether you’re working from home or running to a fitness class, here are some things I still reach for.

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Aligned high waisted pants, $98

Align Singlet, $68

$70 High Waist Airbrush Leggings (Reduced from $110)

When shopping for athleisure clothing, I look for comfort and a flattering fit. I don’t often reach for super compression garments because I usually wear sportswear all day long, not just for high-intensity activities. I’m also 5’10”, so the brand gets big extra points from me for offering pants in different lengths or pants that are just longer than usual.

Below are my favorite women’s sports brands to gift this holiday season. Brands including Alo, Lululemon, Aerie and more range from very affordable to show-stopping. I also share some of my favorite pieces from each of them. Some items are now on sale for Black Friday at prices you absolutely won’t want to miss.


Alo is my pick for a more fashionable sport/leisure style. The brand releases fashionable clothes, but I still reach for them almost every day. Their standard length is perfect for me, but they also have many 7/8 length models that are perfect for petite girls.

Airbrush flapping high waist leggings



These flared leggings with a front slit will make your buttocks look great. They have a very high waist that goes well with cropped tops. Also find them in 7/8 length. Right now, these leggings are a shockingly 40 percent off on Black Friday, so there’s no better time to strike. Find them in seven colors.

$70 High Waist Airbrush Leggings (Reduced from $110)


Lululemon remains hype. The Align line, my favourite, is often imitated but never duplicated, thanks to its ultra-soft fabric. The classic length of the Lululemon pant suits me perfectly, but they also offer plenty of 25-inch styles for shorter legs.

Align the top of the tank

Lululemon Align T-shirt


In a world full of T-shirts with built-in bras that make you look flat as a board, the Lululemond Align Vest never. It lifts and contours for the most flattering fit. I skip it on days when I just want comfort because it has a slightly more compressed cut, but I always feel confident when I put it on. Find this must-have tank in a plethora of colors.

Align Singlet, $68

Match with high-waisted trousers

Lululemon Align High Waist Trousers


I’ve been wearing the same leggings about once a week for the last five years and that’s it still going strong. If that’s not a legging world record, I don’t know what is. When it comes to comfort and a flattering fit, Lululemon Aligns is still second to none. Every time I see them on a friend or stranger on the street, I marvel at how they seem to flatter everyone and every body type. It may be the smartest $98 you’ve ever spent.

Aligned high waisted pants, $98


L*Space sportswear sets are never boring and always look good. The clothes I own are simply high-end and I love the attention to detail the brand brings. L*Space sportswear is a magnet for compliments because not everyone and their mom already owns these pieces, unlike many of the bigger brands in the same price range.

Soren top and Turner leggings

L*Space Turner leggings


I received a record number of compliments on this brown set with a ruffled top and drawstring legs from L*Space. The top has no bra cups, which I was afraid of at first, but it actually offers a supportive and flattering fit. It has a low back that shows off all your hard work in the gym. The leggings are long enough for me and made of high quality ribbed fabric. The drawstring is fun too.

Top Soren, $47 (down from $79)

Turner leggings, $99


Aerie is one of the cheapest places to find leggings in various lengths. They have been my budget choice since high school and still impress me.

Offline by Aerie Real Me flared leggings with a high waist and a gathered waist

OFFLINE By Aerie Real Me Flare leggings with high waist and gathers


These are one of my most worn leggings right now. They are incredibly comfortable – they never ride up or pinch. And thanks to the gathered front that falls down, they make your waist look slim. Find these flared leggings in short, standard and long styles. (I’m going long.) They’re available in six colors right now and on sale for just $36. There’s no better time to buy.

Offline by Aerie Real Me High Waist Ruffle Leggings $36 (Reduced from $60)

IVL collective

If you’re ready for a fashion moment, splurge on the IVL Collective. The sets of this brand are simply unique thanks to their sweet details, from ruffles to fake corset bones. Plus, the quality (and length) is there.

Corset T-shirt and leggings


IVL collective

While the IVL Collective set I own and love is no longer available, I have my eye on a number of sets in the brand’s Black Friday sale going on right now. Designed in collaboration with haircare brand Dae, this sleeveless and corset style leggings set comes in the most stunning cactus flower shade. Add to cart!

Corset Top, $55 (down from $78)

Corset leggings, $69 (down from $98)

Cozy Earth

When it comes to joggers, the Cozy Earth passes my length test. Plus, the brand name couldn’t be more appropriate – the fabric Cozy Earth uses is as soft and comfortable as it gets. Don’t take my word for it: the Cozy Earth Bamboo Sweatpants are one of Oprah’s favorite pieces.

Ultra-soft bamboo pullover and bamboo joggers

Cozy Earth bamboo joggers

Cozy Earth

Wearing this set together is a bit too tight for me, so I put on a sleepover pullover and high waisted joggers and a cropped top. Joggers are available in standard and high lengths. In case of bad luck, many tall models are currently sold out, but selected sizes remain. These pieces are perfect for traveling as they don’t look messy but are as comfortable as can be.

Ultra-Soft Bamboo Pullover, $84 (down from $120)

Bamboo Joggers, $109 (down from $155)

Colorful koala

If you want a taste of Lulumeon without the Lululemon price tag, check out Amazon’s bestselling brand Colorfulkoala. It is also a CBS Essentials bestseller, with styles reminiscent of Lululemon. Colorfulkoala is one of the cheapest brands that offers yoga pants in longer lengths.

A summer tank top and buttery soft high-waisted yoga pants

Colorful Koala summer T-shirt


No, Colorfulkoal pieces are not identical to Lululemon as their price would suggest. But for the price, they’re particularly flattering and offer a similar look. These tanks are very comfortable and last a bit longer than many trimmed models if that’s what you like. They need to be paired with a sports bra (there’s no built-in sports bra), but you can’t beat the price. Find them in 20 colors.

Summer T-shirt, $22

Colorful women's buttery soft high waist yoga pants


These yoga pants are a copy of Lululemon Aligns and as a result they are long enough for me, which is rare among cheaper brands. For a shorter cut, check out the 7/8 length. No, they don’t offer the same stunning fit and quality as the Lululemon Aligns, but they do the best they can, which is pretty good for me.

Butter Soft High Waist Yoga Pants, $23

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